Logicata offers free AWS cloud migration services

AWS managed services provider Logicata announced that they are offering free AWS cloud migration services for businesses looking to migrate their on-premise workloads to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Migrating to AWS requires detailed planning including an assessment of on-premise workloads, assessment of the skills available within the customer’s IT team, and detailed design and build of an AWS Landing Zone environment according to the customer’s specific technical, security and business requirements.

Once the assessment and build phase have been completed, the migration must then be executed, ensuring minimal downtime for critical business applications. This can typically be a lengthy and expensive project.

Logicata can remove the cost of this project by offering to deliver the entire migration project completely free of charge, for customers who sign up to Logicata AWS Managed Services once migrated into the AWS Cloud.

Logicata offers a full suite of AWS Managed Services which includes monitoring of a customer’s AWS environments, security, cost optimisation, patch management, incident management, change management and continuous improvement.

Logicata AWS Managed Services customers benefit by leveraging Logicata’s 24x7x365 support and management, so that they can focus on developing applications and delivering business value while Logicata focus on routine infrastructure management tasks. Logicata’s support team are available to respond to alerts and take corrective action around the clock.

The Logicata team are skilled in managing multiple customer AWS environments, so they bring the benefit of their experience to ensure that all Logicata customer AWS environments remain operational, cost efficient and at the forefront of new technological developments.

Karl Robinson, Director at Logicata said: “At Logicata we believe that public cloud represents one of the greatest business opportunities of our generation. It is not just about saving money by reducing your IT infrastructure costs.

“AWS democratises access to technology which was once only available to large enterprise customers with massive IT budgets. Now anyone with a credit card and an idea can get instant access to enterprise grade IT infrastructure as well as application development tools, AI & machine learning capabilities etc.

“Customers should not simply consider AWS as their datacentre in the cloud – they should be looking at ways to leverage some of these cutting-edge technologies to compete on the global stage. Logicata can help them on this journey by migrating them to AWS for free, then leveraging our AWS Managed Services to help take full advantage of the AWS cloud.”

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