Cisco fixes small business routers, kills eavesdropping vulnerability in conferencing devices

Cisco has released security updates for a variety of its products – owners of Small Business RV Series Routers, Web Security Appliances and TelePresence devices should pay extra attention.

Cisco fixes small business routers

Small Business Routers

Several series of Cisco Small Business RV Series Routers are vulnerable to remote code execution (via malicious HTTP request) and command injection (through malicious input in the web-based management interface).

Both flaws can only be exploited by an authenticated attacker and none of them are being exploited in the wild. The owners of the vulnerable routers are advised to upgrade to firmware releases and later or and later. (Some of the vulnerable routers have reached the end of software maintenance, so users should consider upgrading the entire device.)

The offered security updates have also fixed several issues involving testing certificates and keys (included due to an oversight by the development team), static certificates and keys, hardcoded password hashes, and vulnerabilities in third-party software components (1, 2).

Web Security Appliance

Owners of Cisco Web Security Appliances (WSA) should also check whether they should implement an update.

A vulnerability in the appliance’s web management interface could allow an authenticated, remote attacker to perform an unauthorized system reset via a simple HTTP request. “A successful exploit could have a twofold impact: the attacker could either change the administrator password, gaining privileged access, or reset the network configuration details, causing a denial of service (DoS) condition. In both scenarios, manual intervention is required to restore normal operations,” Cisco explained.

A less critical XSS vulnerability could also allow an authenticated, remote attacker to perform an attack, but requires users of the web-based management interface to click a crafted link (i.e., requires user interaction).

TelePresence CE and RoomOS Audio

Cisco TelePresence Collaboration Endpoint and RoomOS Audio sport several flaws, including a medium-risk eavesdropping vulnerability that could allow an authenticated, local attacker to enable the microphone of an affected voice and video conferencing device to record audio without notifying users.

More of the most recent security advisories can be reviewed here.

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