LayerStack launches own-developed cloud orchestration and cloud control panel

LayerStack, the fast-growing cloud computing service provider, is proud to announce a noteworthy milestone that the company has launched its own-developed cloud orchestration and cloud control panel, which underlines the good market position and attractiveness of LayerStack, and providing all its customers with a more scalable, reliable, and flexible infrastructure around the globe.

The new cloud orchestration

LayerStack has concentrated its resources on product development in the past two years, successfully developed a new cloud orchestration with more stable and fully under control environment, in order to lower overall IT costs, free up engineering time for new projects, improve delivery times, and reduce friction between its system and development teams.

At the same time, LayerStack is also satisfied with the results of the better IT management features to their data centers, such as availability, scalability, security, and optimal levels of infrastructure utilization.

“We are delighted to have our development team with great experience and standing in the cloud industry,” said Dennis Ng, the CTO of LayerStack. “Every interaction with our customers must be fast and reliable. Especially in today’s fast-moving IaaS market, our cloud infrastructure needs to be agile, adaptable and ready to be changed as our customers change their strategy.”

Since the company came up with a new idea of developing a new cloud orchestration since 2018, the LayerStack development team perceive their passion as not only enthusiasm for the role but also for the business at large, providing the company with a clear future perspective.

The new orchestration layer design empowers continuous integration and continuous delivery that could meet the requirements of developers in LayerStack, including high availability (HA), post-deployment, failure recovery, scaling, and more.

It also simplifies and de-risk complex IT processes and accelerate the delivery of IT services to quickly configure, provision, deploy, monitoring, backup, and security services.

Another advantage to the new orchestration is that enables the company to make their products available on a wider variety of cloud environments, meaning LayerStack will increase their products’ exposure to a wider audience, and potentially expand revenue opportunities for the company.

The new cloud control panel – LayerPanel v2.0

A further key element of this milestone is that the new cloud control panel – LayerPanel v2.0 is now ready for all regions, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Los Angeles.

Over a year in the development, LayerPanel v2.0 has been specifically developed to meet the demands of the enterprise users by expanding its control panel features with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The goal is to provide customers with maximum control over their cloud management.

The APIs, developed at the company’s development team, will help users build, scale and sustain cloud servers on the new platform. At the same time, it enables integration into new features such as firewall management, private networking, templates, backups, and so much more.

Furthermore, organizations migrating to LayerStack often need to manage a large number of accounts for different clients. LayerPanel v2.0 gives customers granular control over their environments with the User permission management, like configuring a multi-account structure, managing user permission, centralized monitoring and much more.

LayerStack continued to invest in its technology, providing new solutions for the developer, mobile app development agency, software development agency, system integrator, managed service provider, value-added service provider, and hosting provider.

“We are celebrating our accomplishments from the past two years by continuing to commit to our main focus: Striving for innovative and continuous improvements,” said Dennis Ng. “We look forward to a strong year ahead.”

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