Neustar partners with Tatango to improve the deliverability of their client’s text messages

Neustar, a global information services company and leader in identity resolution, is partnering with Tatango, the market leader in mass text message marketing software, to improve the deliverability of their client’s text messages.

Tatango, whose marketing software enables their clients to send mass text messages, powers some of the largest text message marketing campaigns in the United States. Text message deliverability is one of the most critical components to a successful messaging campaign.

“Through careful analysis and our own rigorous testing, Neustar proved to be the gold standard in providing the most accurate real-time data about a consumer’s mobile device,” said John Moody, Chief Technology Officer of Tatango.

“Neustar customer identity solutions will, among other things, enable us to dramatically improve the deliverability of our clients’ text messages, making absolutely certain that messages are reaching their intended destination.”

Neustar intelligence solutions help companies like Tatango keep up with ever-changing consumer mobile device information, offering real-time, third-party data continuously corroborated against multiple online, offline, and device sources.

“We love to problem solve for our customers and show them the direct impact that our identity resolution system can have on their customers and their own bottom-line,” said Robert McKay, Neustar Senior Vice President of Customer Identity and Risk solutions.

“We’re pleased to help Tatango ensure their SMS offering has the most current consumer-to-phone data with our real time customer intelligence platform that drives improved reach for their valued business-to-consumer (B2C) customers.”

Neustar intelligence solutions elevate the effectiveness of inbound and outbound customer support operations, while also minimizing risk, by ensuring companies know exactly who, when and how to contact a consumer, and who is on the other end of inbound interactions.

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