RSAC Engagement Zone: New dedicated area for peer-to-peer networking

RSA Conference 2020 will feature the new RSAC Engagement Zone, a dedicated networking space meant to encourage interactive, collaborative and cooperative learning for the thousands of cybersecurity experts in attendance.

RSAC Engagement Zone

The RSAC Engagement Zone, available to Full Conference pass holders, is designed to foster meaningful conversations between peers, whether formal or informal. The space includes areas for one-on-one meetups or small group discussions with like-minded individuals, problem solving, speed networking, Birds of a Feather and cooperative learning sessions:

1:1 Connections – Easily find and schedule meetups with like-minded individuals. Search for other attendees with similar interests and arrange either one-on-one or small group discussions. A concierge will be available to help participants find each other and manage reserved seating.

Problem solving – Using their combined experiences, attendees share and work together to identify potential and actionable solutions to a pre-determined problem.

Speed networking – A rotating seating plan and tight time keeping allow attendees to maximize their ability to meet new people and make connections for the week and beyond, quickly.

Birds of a Feather – Birds of a Feather sessions, a staple format at RSA Conference, are back in an extended format this year. The Birds of a Feather space offers many published, planned sessions led by RSAC speakers on a wide range of topics. There is also open, non-scheduled space to accommodate free-form discussions, spark impromptu meetings and allow attendees to “flock together” and dig deeper into the topics that matter to them.

Cooperative learning – Cooperative learning sessions are based on the premise that learning through exploration is powerful and everyone in the room has rich expertise and perspective to add to the conversation. The sessions begin with a facilitator who delivers a concentrated 10- to 15-minute presentation followed by a focused Q&A and small group discussions. The sessions close with participants sharing their findings with the larger group.

“Each year, we survey RSA Conference attendees to understand how we can enrich their conference experience. One thing we consistently hear is how much the community values the opportunity to network, learn from, and brainstorm with like-minded peers at the event,” said Linda Gray Martin, Senior Director and General Manager, RSA Conference. “Networking has always been at the core of RSAC, but this year we are upping the ante. We look forward to seeing even more engagement, connection and collaboration as attendees work to tackle cybersecurity’s biggest challenges.”

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