Sontiq updates the user interface for its IdentityForce Mobile App

Sontiq, an enterprise high-tech security and identity protection company, announced an updated user interface for its IdentityForce Mobile App, which also includes comprehensive mobile device scanning and related alerts to help ensure the safety and security of individuals and families.

By applying a key component of its Mobile Defense Suite to the IdentityForce Mobile App, consumers now can take advantage of a new feature, Mobile Attack Control, which monitors and alerts IdentityForce Mobile App users to a wide array of threats including rogue apps, spyware, unsecured Wi-Fi connections, and even recognizes fake or “spoof” networks.

“We take protecting identities seriously. Infusing IdentityForce’s top-rated identity theft protection capabilities with comprehensive mobile cybersecurity features through Mobile Attack Control, is the next evolution of mitigating threats to our members’ digital footprints,” explained Angela Murphy, Chief Operating Officer at Sontiq.

“In combination with this significant enhancement, which we are providing to IdentityForce members at zero cost, we have also updated the mobile app’s user interface with a more modernized experience for faster pinpointing of key personal protection information and alerts.”

With the ubiquity of mobile devices being used for both personal and business reasons, the number of mobile phone takeovers has increased by 79 percent year-over-year.

IdentityForce Mobile App’s security capabilities

Cybersecurity protection: Through Mobile Attack Control, members are empowered with proactive threat detection signaling if their mobile device has been compromised.

Rapid alert dashboard: Provides an on-demand snapshot view of all alert notifications so that members can stay informed with one-touch details.

Financial and personal information protection: Enables members to spot fraud quickly and stay on top of their key financial account activity. Members also have visibility into their personal account information and whether there is any dark web activity, the unindexed portion of the Internet.

Comprehensive credit monitoring: Members with accounts that have credit monitoring gain immediate access to their credit scores and alerts with tips to help understand ratings and when to take action regarding potential fraud.

On-the-fly social media monitoring: Access to understand current state of Social Media Identity Monitoring (SMIM) status for networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Multi-security features: In addition to Two-Factor Authentication and Touch ID, the app includes the ability for members to either select fingerprint or facial recognition depending on their phone model.

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