Nexus Controls, a Baker Hughes business, integrates Tripwire ICS capabilities into SecurityST

Tripwire, a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organizations, announced a technology agreement with Baker Hughes.

Under the agreement, Nexus Controls, a Baker Hughes business, will integrate Tripwire’s industrial cybersecurity capabilities into their SecurityST solution aimed at achieving safe, reliable, and predictable plant and process operations in critical infrastructure environments.

“Combining Tripwire and Nexus Controls technology and expertise creates a new, unique ability to address growing cybersecurity challenges around critical infrastructure,” said Subhajit Bagchi, president of Tripwire.

“In environments where industrial control systems are more connected, protection from cyber events is critical for maintaining safety, quality, and productivity goals.”

“Our new agreement with Tripwire will help us to expand cybersecurity capabilities for our customers,” said Terry Knight, vice president of Bently Nevada and Nexus Controls at Baker Hughes.

“Tripwire’s technology and experience is a complementary solution supporting our vision for cyber secure industrial operations, and we look forward to helping our joint customers through their digital journeys.”

SecurityST is a flexible and configurable cybersecurity solution specifically designed for Operational Technology (OT) environments. As a key part of a layered cybersecurity strategy, SecurityST offers the proactive protection policies and centralized reporting capabilities needed to reduce threat surfaces, manage cyber risk, and comply with global security standards.

Tripwire will augment SecurityST with technologies that expand visibility, monitoring and threat mitigation across the complete OT landscape. Tripwire will provide passive data collection, threat monitoring and advanced logging capabilities.

Integrating Tripwire technology will also expand visibility into device configuration, operational states, and the presence of vulnerabilities. Tripwire provides true, real-time visibility for levels 1–5 without disrupting operations.

Operators can use these added capabilities to:

  • Baseline normal operations using machine learning, then use it to detect anomalies
  • Create graphical network maps by reading network traffic
  • Assess firmware and device models for vulnerabilities and identify mitigation strategies
  • Detect configuration drift and maintain system integrity and compliance with industry standards and policies such as IEC 62443, NIST SP 800-82


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