Fujitsu announced as the latest OpenChain 2.0 Conformant company

The OpenChain Project is delighted to announce that Fujitsu, a Platinum Member of the OpenChain Project, is the latest OpenChain 2.0 Conformant company.

This activity is a continuation of Fujitsu’s long-standing commitment to excellence in open source governance and represents one of the larger OpenChain conformant programs. Fujitsu is the first company in Japan and the eighth globally to achieve OpenChain 2.0 conformance.

The OpenChain Project establishes trust in the open source from which software solutions are built. It accomplishes this by making open source license compliance simpler and more consistent.

The OpenChain Specification defines inflection points in business workflows where a compliance process, policy or training should exist to minimize the potential for errors and maximize the efficiency of bringing solutions to market.

The companies involved in the OpenChain community number in the hundreds. The OpenChain Specification is being prepared for submission to ISO and evolution from a growing de facto standard into a formal standard.

“Fujitsu has been a long supporter of open source communities and valued open source compliance. OpenChain Conformance demonstrates our commitment to open source compliance,” says Fujiwara Takashi, SVP, Head of Software Business Unit, Fujitsu Limited.

“We have worked for the conformance for part of the Software Business Unit together with developers in Software Business Unit, which has more than 1,000 developers, licensing compliance specialists in intellectual property department, and open source specialists in OSS technology department.

“We will extend OpenChain Conformance throughout the company and strengthen Fujitsu’s open source governance. Now we are transforming our business into a technology consulting and service implementing company with open source technologies. We will keep contributing open source communities.”

“Fujitsu has been a pivotal member of the OpenChain Project as we head into formal standardization via the ISO PAS process,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager.

“Our collaboration has ranged from editorial work on the specification itself through to community building via the OpenChain Japan Work Group. I am delighted to take this next step in our relationship and to mark a milestone in the global roll-out of the OpenChain industry standard.”

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