Dynatrace broadens its AI-powered software intelligence platform to support AWS hybrid clouds

Software intelligence company, Dynatrace, announced that it has extended its AI-powered software intelligence platform to support AWS hybrid clouds by providing seamless support across all AWS public regions and Outposts. This gives enterprises complete visibility and precise insights into the performance of applications running in AWS hybrid clouds – in a single platform.

“We are thrilled to have Dynatrace’s partnership to provide monitoring for AWS Outposts and the applications that run on them,” said Matt Garman, VP, AWS Compute Services.

“Like the AWS cloud and Outposts, the Dynatrace Software Intelligence platform is designed from the ground-up for modern hybrid environments. Dynatrace and AWS Outposts are a great pairing because Dynatrace’s SaaS solution with flexible deployment options gives customers a fully managed solution to easily monitor AWS workloads in the cloud and on-premises securely and efficiently.”

With a flexible deployment model that mirrors that of AWS, Dynatrace offers a single platform built on cloud-native architecture that seamlessly supports any configuration of an AWS hybrid cloud environment, including both VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts and the AWS native variant of Outposts.

Dynatrace is a purpose-built SaaS solution for hybrid cloud environments and fully managed whether it’s supporting AWS public cloud regions or AWS Outposts. As a result, customers benefit from regular, automatic updates while still meeting the strict governance, security and latency requirements of on-premises workloads.

“AWS Outposts extends AWS public cloud services to create a seamless hybrid experience in how organizations build, operate and manage their application workloads across cloud and on-premises environments,” said Steve Tack, SVP of Products at Dynatrace.

“To maximize the benefits, organizations need the same consistent experience from their monitoring solutions for AWS hybrid environments. Dynatrace offers the same manageability, control, and functionality across hybrid environments, reducing the complexity and risk associated with alternative approaches that do not support hybrid environments in a single platform.”

Furthermore, Dynatrace’s powerful AI-engine, DavisTM, automatically processes billions of dependences across AWS hybrid clouds to serve up precise answers.

Enabled by Dynatrace OneAgent, which continuously auto-discovers AWS hybrid environments, and Smartscape dynamic topology mapping, customers benefit through faster decision making, greater optimization of IT resources, and better business outcomes.

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