Odaseva enhances its data governance platform, adds Salesforce Marketing Cloud support

Odaseva, the award-winning unified cloud data compliance, protection, and operations platform for enterprises running Salesforce as a business-critical application, announced several new enhancements to its platform including increased compliance automation applications as well as support for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Ultra High Availability for Salesforce.

Updated compliance applications for enhanced regulation coverage

For the past few years, Odaseva has offered users the ability to automate their data compliance and privacy activities for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This has allowed organizations to reduce financial, regulatory and reputational risk by automating their compliance activities – utilizing such Odaseva tools as Sandbox Anonymization and Production Data Lifecycle.

Now, Odaseva has increased its compliance automation offerings for a number of industries and regions including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

New integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Customers with large datasets in the cloud may now backup files from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to the Odaseva platform. These files include emails, social or online marketing files, among others.

Benefits of the application include automated backup on a regular basis, managed backup services and data loss prevention. Additionally, the application complies with strict data privacy laws and security policies to ensure data is secure.

Ultra-high availability: Bring your CRM uptime to the best level

For many organizations, 99.9% uptime is not enough. In these cases, Odaseva offers Ultra-High Availability for any user who wants to continue working on Salesforce – even when Salesforce is temporarily offline.

Ultra-High Availability mode ensures users never have to work in a “read-only” mode on Salesforce and instead, continue their work on the Odaseva platform. Once Salesforce is back online, their work is immediately synched and updated with the Salesforce platform.

“In today’s digital age, ensuring proper data governance, even in cloud platforms such as Salesforce, is more critical than ever,” says Sovan Bin, CEO and founder of Odaseva.

“Data integrity and availability for cloud mission-critical applications must be protected by both Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service. In addition, with the influx of new data privacy and governance laws such as CCPA, which goes into regulation January 1, 2020, businesses must automate consumer rights like the Right of Access or Erasure and minimize risks by anonymizing data and implementing data lifecycles.”

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