Accenture Cloud Native Core Solution: Helping clients leverage the public cloud for business results

Accenture has launched the Accenture Cloud Native Core Solution to help enterprises leverage the public cloud for maximum business agility and results.

Often cited as the future of application development, cloud native computing provides organizations with many significant benefits, such as the ability to develop new products quickly and efficiently; get products and services to market faster; and increase the scale, flexibility and resilience of their IT environments.

As a result, many companies today are seeking to embrace a cloud native approach — creating applications specifically for the cloud instead of repurposing legacy architectures – as a way to maximize the returns on their cloud migration investments.

The Accenture Cloud Native Core Solution provides clients with the four core elements they need to chart a cloud native approach, including:

  • changing the architectural style to microservices/serverless
  • using Agile software development approaches
  • adapting fresh DevOps processes
  • selecting the right hyperscale cloud platform

Accenture will help clients utilize this solution for optimal organizational transformation, enabling them to develop more flexible, agile IT systems and build broader ecosystems.

“Leading companies are seeking to increase their business agility for experiences that go beyond their customers’ expectations,” said Keisuke Yamane, who leads Accenture’s Intelligent Software Engineering Services Group in Japan.

“This requires a flexible, agile business solution that can rapidly respond to business changes and expansion. We’re not just substituting one technology for another. Accenture is helping clients link together their various technologies, processes and services to drive measurable business value.”

Companies can use the Accenture Cloud Native Core Solution to build and deploy microservices and, in turn, break down their big, monolithic applications into smaller components. This enables each component to be developed, scaled and maintained independently by different development teams.

Accenture’s solution can also connect with external capabilities via application programming interfaces; build and operate near-real-time analytics platforms that leverage customer data warehouses; and develop personalization services based on data analytics, among other functions.

The Accenture Cloud Native Solution is ideal for industries that require a mission critical core backbone system, such as financial services. Fukuoka Financial Group (FFG) has selected the Accenture Cloud Native Core Solution to support the banking system for its “Minna no Ginko” digital-only bank, which FFG plans to launch in the first half of 2021.

As part of that agreement, Accenture will help FFG drive organizational change and enhance the digital skills of its workforce.

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