Awake Security and Google Cloud enable businesses to enhance their cloud security

Awake Security, the only advanced network traffic analysis company that delivers answers, not alerts, has unveiled a technology partnership with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Awake can now protect organizations’ hybrid and Google Cloud deployments with its AI-based platform that detects and responds to threats such as lateral movement, especially as adversaries now attempt to traverse from on-premise to the cloud and vice versa.

Awake on Google Cloud enables businesses to enhance their cloud security, identify compromised instances, ensure regulatory compliance through security monitoring and prevent service delays and application unavailability.

“With the growing popularity of hybrid cloud, networks have grown incredibly complex. Monitoring activity on the network is the best way to ensure both security and performance, but doing so for the new network, across cloud and IoT, has proven challenging,” said Rahul Kashyap, CEO of Awake Security.

“By allowing for the collection and inspection of network traffic at scale, Google Cloud’s Packet Mirroring service is opening new doors that will enable businesses to hunt down and prioritize threats with visibility and speed that weren’t possible before.”

As one of a select set of partners leveraging Google Cloud’s new Packet Mirroring service, the Awake Security Platform seamlessly monitors traffic to, from and within the cloud, automatically profiling, classifying and assessing the risk to every workload.

Harnessing the power of AI to detect malicious intent across hybrid-cloud as well as IoT and OT networks, Awake prioritizes and enables rapid response to threats in the cloud and on-premise from a single, integrated console.

Moreover, as more than 86% of customers have a multicloud strategy according to Forrester, Awake delivers these key capabilities to customers not just on GCP but also on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Across all of these, the Awake Security Platform also enables full packet forensics, supporting audits, investigations and compliance with regulations like PCI-DSS.

“Traffic visibility is critical to prevent security breaches and attacks as networks grow in complexity,” said Mahesh Narayanan, product manager at Google Cloud.

“With Packet Mirroring, our customers now have a way to proactively detect network intrusions, analyze, and diagnose application performance issues for both Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine, across all regions and machine types.”

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