RSA partners with Yubico to extend its enterprise offering of authentication and identity assurance

RSA, a global cybersecurity leader delivering Business-Driven Security solutions to help organizations manage digital risk, will extend its enterprise offering of modern authentication and identity assurance through a strategic partnership and joint solution with Yubico.

The solution, YubiKey for RSA SecurID® Access, combines a FIDO2-enabled hardware device by Yubico with the benefits of enterprise-grade security, risk-based authentication and simplified credential lifecycle management delivered by RSA SecurID Access.

In today’s dynamic workforce, users expect a frictionless experience, regardless of where they are or what applications they are accessing. At the same time, organizations want to reduce the risk of security breaches, secure critical assets and minimize the costs associated with credential lifecycle management.

Stolen identity is a critical security issue, and often the weakest link in security postures. In fact, 80 percent of breaches involve compromised and weak credentials1 and last year security breaches cost companies an average of $3.86 million per breach2.

“Our partnership with RSA demonstrates a shared commitment to protect millions of users from security breaches,” said Jerrod Chong, Chief Solutions Officer, Yubico.

“This collaborative effort combines RSA’s long-standing expertise in identity and access management, with Yubico’s proven leadership in standards and innovation, to bring forward a unified FIDO-based hardware authentication solution for enterprises, their partners and their customers.”

As organizations continue to pursue digital transformation initiatives, identity management has become increasingly complex. Continuing leadership in authentication and identity assurance, the strategic partnership will add to the broad range of authentication methods offered in the RSA SecurID Access Suite.

RSA and Yubico will address a variety of workforce use cases with a simple login experience enabled by the YubiKey for RSA SecurID Access and backed by the enterprise-grade security of RSA SecurID Access.

The YubiKey complements the existing range of authentication methods of RSA SecurID Access including push notification, one-time password, SMS and biometrics to enable the broadest support for diverse user populations and use cases.

FIDO authentication is uniquely suited for use cases like passwordless logon to PCs and laptops and mobile-restricted environments (e.g., call centers). The joint solution will also provide identity insights, threat intelligence, and business context for user access, devices, applications and behavior to provide businesses with the confidence that users are who they say they are.

“With ongoing support for FIDO, RSA continues to deliver modern authentication solutions and identity assurance to help enterprises meet business needs, provide a range of authentication options for users and protect their most valuable assets,” said Jim Ducharme, VP of Identity and Fraud & Risk Intelligence Products, RSA.

“Now, we’re enabling our customers to combine the robust, enterprise-grade identity assurance of RSA SecurID Access with YubiKey hardware devices, for secure and convenient authentication.

“The strategic partnership extends our support for FIDO in RSA SecurID Access allowing integration with applications from ground to cloud to address the evolving threats and challenges in today’s dynamic workforce.”

Today, RSA SecurID Access provides the backend software and services required for a full range of authentication options like the YubiKey for RSA SecurID Access to be successfully deployed, managed and used across an enterprise environment.

RSA SecurID Access bridges islands of identity, and with one of the strongest partner ecosystems in the industry (RSA Ready), RSA SecurID Access provides a unified platform for secure enrollment, access control, policy enforcement and lifecycle management across all of an enterprise’s applications from data center, endpoint and network perimeter to the cloud.

For customers, this enables features like secure (multi-factor) enrollment, self-service, emergency access, and a single FIDO registration across all enterprise applications. It also provides broader compatibility and a consistent user experience for YubiKeys within the enterprise.

RSA is a longstanding member of the FIDO Alliance as well as a member of the Board of Directors. As a market leader in multi-factor authentication, RSA is committed to supporting the new FIDO2 standard and providing best practices for FIDO deployment in the enterprise with RSA SecurID Access.

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