Censys unveils new internet data set featuring over 1000 new ports

Censys, the leading provider of continuous digital asset tracking and detection trusted by government departments like The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and over 25% of the Fortune 500, announced the rollout of a new data set that gives users access to an additional 1000+ ports.

The new lightweight banner scans contain a daily snapshot of the banners and TLS certificates collected from IPv4 hosts on over a thousand ports and enable users to find assets, hidden malware, phishing infrastructure and attack threats hosted on uncommon and obscure ports.

“We are now performing Internet wide scanning on a scale significantly larger than what we were historically performing,” said Censys CEO and co-founder David Corcoran.

“Our customers are finding up to 50% more hidden threats when they include these additional non-standard ports in their scanning. We’re excited to be offering access to more data and a significantly wider view of assets.”

The Universal Internet Data Set is automatically included in the Censys SaaS Platform, the company’s new enterprise-level attack surface management platform. Platform users have full access to this data set in addition to the company’s many attack surface discovery information sources, without the need to perform searches.

Censys Community and Pro customers are able to preview this data but must upgrade to an Enterprise plan in order to perform hidden asset searches.

The Censys Platform enables security and IT personnel from enterprise organizations to automatically detect, view and monitor all external assets and infrastructure including hosts, software, domains, and IOT devices, in order to mitigate exposures and threats, and to proactively prevent attacks before they lead to brand damage and data breach.

Each host that Censys finds running at least one service is refreshed on a weekly basis. For each detected host and port, this new data set contains banners, application headers and TLS certificates if they were presented. A full list of ports in the Universal Internet Data Set can be viewed here.

Since 2013, Censys has scanned the entire Internet for security-relevant data to provide a comprehensive view of the world’s networks and devices. Earlier this year, research firm CB Insights selected Censys as one of 28 companies pioneering technology with the potential to transform the cybersecurity industry for its ability to fight threats by analyzing real-time internet data.

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