Appfire acquires Secure Content for Confluence from Praecipio Consulting

Atlassian app creator Appfire announced that the company is expanding its Bob Swift product portfolio with the purchase of a trusted and growing app: Secure Content for Confluence.

The app allows users of the collaboration tool Confluence to easily share or restrict sensitive content and helps organizations protect PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements.

“For more and more organizations, Confluence is becoming a mission-critical tool — teams are storing their most important content in this collaboration hub,” Appfire CEO and co-founder Randall Ward said. “One of the hurdles of using Confluence as a single source of truth is security, and this product helps teams get past that.”

Praecipio Consulting originally created Secure Content but had no plans to further develop the app, according to the technology company’s CTO, Christopher Pepe. The transfer of ownership from Praecipio Consulting to Appfire means that existing app customers can expect both continued product support and new improvements to their experience.

“This acquisition is yet another success story within the Atlassian ecosystem,” Appfire Director of Marketing Holly Wright added. “By working with Praecipio Consulting, we’re able to align this product with our portfolio of business intelligence and security apps and provide a more complete solution to organizations with a very real need.”

With password protection and auto-encrypting capabilities, Secure Content provides data security beyond what is natively available in Confluence. This will give information workers the security they need to keep their teams connected while reaching new levels of growth, Ward added.

The product will be managed under Appfire’s Bob Swift brand of Atlassian apps, an early pioneer of security in Confluence with its Macro Security app. Additionally, one of Appfire’s principal product architects, Steven Kling, previously led the design of the current iteration of Secure Content and will be involved in further product development.

“The Bob Swift brand is best known for providing elegant point-solution apps that make Confluence pages more useful and dynamic. Secure Content serves an ever-increasing need for information security and personal privacy within this market,” Kling said.

The addition of Secure Content to Appfire’s offerings comes shortly after the company announced the sale of one of its own apps earlier in December. These recent changes align with Appfire’s dedication to providing specialized solutions to underserved markets in areas such as business intelligence, automation, and administration at scale, according to Ward and Pepe.

“I first conceptualized this app at AtlasCamp in 2012 because there was nothing available to meet a need that our team saw. As it’s evolved, this product has become a great solution for many customers, and I am so excited to see where the Bob Swift team will take it in the future,” Pepe said.

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