Inspur launches a series of new storage products

Recently, Inspur released a series of new storage products including the mid-range storage AS5000G5 series with centralized architecture, as well as the high-performance P series, the high-density H series, and the highly flexible X series with distributed architecture.

Inspur and Intel launch all-flash storage systems with dual-port Optane SSD

Inspur AS5000G5-F is an all-flash storage product featuring the Intel dual-port Optane SSD. With the Optane SSD as the high-speed cache layer, AS5000G5-F combines innovative technologies such as intelligent data layering, on-board hardware acceleration and online compression/deduplication, which achieves up to 8 million IOPS and a latency of 0.1ms, representing one of the highest performing mid-range storage systems available in the industry.

Meanwhile, the multi-device management platform InView and the active prediction technology AIOPS enable a 14-day prediction accuracy rate of up to 95% or more.

“Driven by new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and 5G, as well as the pursuit of data value, enterprises are increasing their demands for data response speeds,” said Mr. Li Hui, General Manager of the Storage Product Line at Inspur.

“According to statistics, real-time data will account for 24.5% of global data by 2023, which will bring great challenges to storage systems. In response to this trend, Inspur Storage has increased its investment and innovation in SSD media and high-speed interconnection technologies to improve the operating efficiency of major applications in data centers with high-performance, low-latency storage systems.”

Inspur releases distributed storage systems in multiple forms

P series for high-performance applications: based on the POWER architecture, P series features high frequency CPU (up to 3.8GHz), PCIe 4.0 and high-speed interconnect HBA card, achieves 2 times 4M sequential write performance, 1.5 times 4M sequential read performance, 3 times 4K random write performance, and 1.3 times 4K random read performance.

H series for massive high-definition video and image: the AS13000G5-H, for example, has a single node capacity of nearly 1PB and is able to carry 256 channels of 1080p, 4Mbps ultra-high-definition video streams for about 90 days of data volume.

X-series for cloud-based elastic deployment: the AS13000G5-X, for example, is a single distributed storage system that can simultaneously carry instance data on the cloud, local real-time data, and archived data to achieve data lifecycle management.

At present, Inspur Storage platforms have been deployed in a large number of petabyte-scale data storage projects and successfully applied to China Mobile’s distributed block storage. In an urban smart transportation project, Inspur’s storage solution supports 6,000-channel video streaming and provides 108 nodes and 20PB of capacity.

In a city’s highway toll collection system project, Inspur’s all-flash storage system enables a response time of 0.1ms, resulting in an average daily business processing volume of one million transactions.

At the same time, Inspur Storage ranked the first in the Gartner 2019 global user ratings in distributed storage, and stands among the top three in the world in all indicators according to the Gartner 2019 distributed file storage critical capability report.

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