DeCloak offers third-party solution of de-identification technique

DeCloak is the ultimate solution for keeping personal info de-identified while allowing businesses to gather and analyze valuable user behavior information. DeCloak offers a brand new third-party solution of de-identification technique to create a win-win situation for the consumers, and service vendors.

DeCloak uses proprietary hardware-embedded algorithms, named PPU (Privacy Processing Unit), that can be used as an external dongle or an IC designed directly into a smartphone or other personal devices. From that point on the smartphone can be used in the same manner as always, except your online behavior is anonymous.

From an ISP perspective, the user behavior data can still be collected but it no longer can be linked to a specific individual. It can be aggregated, analyzed and even sold without worry of breaking privacy regulations.

We live in a world of Big Data. Every one of our interactions with the internet contributes even more data. Big data and analytics have become a great business opportunity. With opportunity come risks. The world is starting to realize the gravity of weaponizing personal information. And governments are starting to take a stand with ever stricter personal data protection regulations eg: GDPR.

DeCloak’s solution is GDPR compliant, works in real-time, gives user full control. It also retains a much higher fidelity of the information for businesses to utilize.

DeCloak’s algorithms can also be applied on large data collections, making it an ideal solution for industries where personal data security is of the utmost importance such as ISPs, Software as a Service, Healthcare and Insurance.

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