eBook: How Hackers Plan Their Attacks

Being the good guys, we think about how to protect ourselves from cyberattacks. But have you ever tried thinking like hackers planning their next attack? BitDam founders used to serve at the offensive side of the fence. They know how attackers think and therefore succeed in blocking them.

eBook: How Hackers Plan Their Attacks

In this eBook, they share the hackers’ perspective – what motivates them and how they plan their most sophisticated attacks, step-by-step.

Download this eBook to better understand the psychological roots of hackers and learn how they go about their business in five stages:

  • Planning
  • Dropper
  • Payload
  • C2
  • Execution.

The How Hackers Plan Their Attacks eBook will give you a sense of why WannaCry-like attacks can hit again tomorrow, and what’s needed to be done to prevent that.

This eBook is no longer available.

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