Covered Security provides financial incentive to improve security practices

Covered Security announced the Covered Kudo Sweepstakes, providing financial incentive for enterprise and home users of its Personal Assistant for Security to improve their security practices. Making the adoption of improved security habits fast, simple, and personally rewarding, the Personal Assistant is free for home use.

Online behavior is a driver behind 73% of corporate breaches and 15 million+ Americans suffering identity theft annually. Investment in security education hasn’t solved this, because of a mismatch of incentive and security expertise. Companies have a great deal of both, people have little.

Covered changes this by combining the behavior science behind addictive consumer apps with security automation, giving users incentive to act and simple steps to take to reduce their risk.

Fortune 1000 companies use Covered to reduce the risk of security incident, by motivating and empowering employees and partners to adopt the habits of security professionals – leading to a 56% lower rate of online compromise. Covered’s analytics enable security teams to benchmark user behavior risk and measure behavior change.

Customers use Covered’s rewards platform to provide personalized incentives to motivate employees and partners to improve their security habits. Covered is now providing additional financial incentives for enterprise and home users in the US.

“Hackers know that people are the weak link and target them at work and at home, to compromise them and any company they’re associated with,” said Chris Zannetos, co-founder and CEO of Covered Security.

“Covered delivers the insight into user behavior risk and the engagement of users to take action that CISOs need in today’s world of cloud apps, work from home, and relentless attack.”

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