SSH and Digital Information Technologies help enterprises mitigate risks of privileged credential abuse

SSH Communications Security, one of the world’s most trusted security brands, has formed a partnership with Digital Information Technologies (DIT), an independent systems integration company operating in Japan since 1982.

Adoption of multi-cloud and hybrid services creates a lot of complexity for companies and their IT admins who need to constantly onboard and offboard privileged users, such as developers and IT consultants.

At the same time, IT workloads are moving to the cloud, where target servers are constantly being spun up and down. This leads to a situation where critical tasks are not being completed because developers or third parties are waiting for access.

Additionally, privileged credentials are often shared, remain unrevoked upon user departure, are lost or misconfigured. This challenge has been recognized by Gartner in its recent report suggesting that companies should move towards a just-in-time and zero standing privileges approach where no one has permanent access, and permanent credentials are removed from the equation.

SSH.COM’s PrivX is a lean, quick-to-implement and easy-to-use access management software for privileged access to on-prem and cloud environments. It helps companies to enable and control access to servers, network devices and other critical infrastructure according to user roles and privileges.

“One of the most sought-after targets for cybercriminals are privileged credentials or passwords, since they always provide access to something valuable.

“One of the most frustrating aspects of multi-cloud adoption for businesses can be privileged user management, including the combination of different user roles with various levels of privilege for varying periods of time, and among users that are constantly changing,” said Ricky Ho, Vice President, APAC, SSH Communications Security.

“PrivX eliminates standing privileges from the equation, integrates and stays in sync with ID management systems, and auto-discovers new hosts as you add them – without turning the deployment of the solution into a massive IT project.”

Ho continued, “Digital Information Technologies has a significant footprint in our region and in financial services and the automobile sector. These two industries are adopting multi-cloud services at a fast pace, and we are excited to have DIT as our partner in Japan.”

Satoshi Ichikawa, CEO, Digital Information Technologies, said, “As a systems integrator, we are always concerned about our customers’ security needs. We are pleased to announce this partnership, since it helps us to strengthen our services with a best-of-breed Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution.

“It serves our mission to provide the best services for our customers when they build secure digital networks.”

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