Quanta Storage adopts SecureCircle’s DASB to eliminate insider threats

SecureCircle, the world’s first Data Access Security Broker (DASB), announced an agreement to eliminate insider threats such as accidental sharing and malicious users with Quanta Storage (QSI).

QSI, a worldwide leader in OEM and ODM services to the world’s leading consumer electronics brands and based in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, is adopting SecureCircle’s DASB to eliminate insider threats. SecureCircle’s data-centric access control persistently protects customer data without impacting applications, workflow, or end-user experience.

“SecureCircle was selected because their technology applies to data regardless of where the data is stored or what applications are used,” said Luis Chuang, Associate Manager. “Two critical requirements for QSI is support for all platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux and to support any application and file type, including native design files.”

“SecureCircle allows QSI to protect confidential information coming from QSI’s customers,” said Eric Hsu, NetBridge Technologies general manager. “The customer data is protected from insider threats such as malicious users or accidental sharing.” NetBridge Technologies is the exclusive value-add distributor for SecureCircle in Taiwan.

“Quanta Storage Inc. is a great showcase customer because they have many different security use cases including protecting data through a chain of custody, protecting the manufacturing process, and securing software source code,” said Jeff Capone, SecureCircle CEO. “Per recent reports, insider threats account for 34% of data breaches.”

Quanta Storage Inc. is using SecureCircle to:

  • Ensure sensitive customer intellectual property (IP) is protected when customers share data with QSI
  • Transparently secure data from internal and external threats including accidental sharing, lost/stolen devices, shadow IT, and rogue employees
  • Segregate customer data from other customers so data cannot leak from one customer to another
  • Secure software source code throughout the development process
  • Protect QSI internal confidential information including business, design, and manufacturing data

Due to the sensitive and competitive nature of the OEM and ODM industry, QSI strives to achieve the highest level of data protection to ensure internal IP, as well as customer and partner IP, is always protected.

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