DataVisor dEdge: Uncover known and unknown attacks early

DataVisor announced the availability of dEdge, an anti-fraud solution that detects malicious devices in real-time, empowering organizations to uncover known and unknown attacks early, and take action with confidence.


Fraud detection today spans multiple vectors. With growing adoption of mobile devices and the emergence of the always-on economy, by many measures, when organizations realize that they have been subject to a cyber-attack, it is already too late.

Modern fraud detection and prevention require a transformational approach, one that represents a shift back to an earlier point along the timeline of a fraud attack.

“Most consumer-facing organizations today provide their customers opportunities to interact with the business through an online channel. Even traditional industries like banking enable customers to bank through mobile applications. To validate the authenticity of this interaction, data needs to be collected and analyzed at the source,” said DataVisor Co-founder and CTO, Fang Yu.

“When data is analyzed for fraud after it reaches the service, it could already be manipulated. To validate the legitimacy of the customer or the app, we need to precisely collect the data at the device or browser level. Between the data source and application, there are many layers where a fraudster can manipulate the data through proxies, traffic simulators, etc.

“In some cases, the fraudsters can also repackage the app to conduct fraud. Collecting data at the source can indicate if the environment that the app is running in is legitimate vs. being emulated. This is why DataVisor’s dEdge solution offers the SDK to detect malicious actors at source before they cause damage.”

DataVisor’s dEdge is built to protect connected devices. dEdge provides complete visibility into digital attacks, generating unique device IDs and accurate fraud scores – no matter how fraudsters manipulate devices.

When used in combination with the DataVisor suite of fraud prevention solutions and machine learning engines, the dEdge system enables proactive detection of known and unknown malicious attacks without the need for historical data.

dEdge delivers frictionless customer experiences, reduced latency, and cloud economies at scale, all with the ease of streamlined implementation and integration. dEdge’s robust system includes other benefits such as:

  • Real-time device intelligence collection. Gathers hundreds of data fields in real-time regarding: device info, operating system, network, time stamp, languages, user agents, and more.
  • Advanced device manipulation detection. Captures sophisticated attack techniques such as root, hook, emulator, repackage, malware and more. Relies on DataVisor’s breakthrough detection technologies to make accurate distinctions between trusted devices and those evidencing prognostic signs of manipulated devices.
  • Unique device ID and accurate device score. Consistently generates unique device identifications, no matter how—and in what ways—fraudsters might uninstall apps or reset devices. Delivers risk signals indicating whether the devices are manipulated, and generates accurate scores for all devices.
  • Real-time event tracking. Gleans insights from tracking critical events in real time and leverages the intelligence to make better decisions. Enhances customer experience by delivering fast responses and ensuring high performance even when network connections are weak.
  • Data security at every touchpoint. Secures data with best-in-class white-box encryption and digital signature. Protects data from being hijacked or tampered with, and stops fraudsters from analyzing data offline after they copy, sync or transfer the data.

Mobile and web applications are uniquely susceptible to fraud, and as the digital sector grows, fraudulent activity grows with it. Existing solutions can no longer effectively detect those manipulations or deliver consistent device IDs, allowing highly damaging attacks to slip through.

“DataVisor’s unsupervised machine learning (UML) powered fraud prevention process is entirely data-driven, and no matter how fast fraudsters try to adapt and change their techniques, the process moves right along with them. dEdge continues to add fuel to the fire that is our solution suite.

“Real-time detection is absolutely critical in this era of modern fraud and will most certainly benefit our customers to the greatest degree,” concluded Yu.

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