OneLogin launches Trusted Experience Platform, a complete IAM solution for enterprises

OneLogin introduced the Trusted Experience Platform, an identity foundation that enables companies to provide secure, scalable and smart experiences.

The platform is a complete identity and access management (IAM) solution that leverages OneLogin’s investment and expertise in AI, seamlessly managing all of an enterprise client’s digital identities for its workforce and customers.

“The OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform provides unparalleled security and reliability to companies so leaders can focus on what matters the most – growing their business,” said Venkat Sathyamurthy, chief product officer at OneLogin.

“This platform is the next step in our continued commitment to building our capabilities in customer identity and access management, providing the best developer APIs and experience.”

The Trusted Experience Platform enables enterprise users to connect all of their applications, leverage OneLogin’s proprietary machine learning to identify and analyze potential threats and act quickly using contextual authentication requirements.

“The proliferation of devices and global access points has connected the world like never before, and users – customers and employees – want the flexibility to interface with technology on their own terms,” Sathyamurthy said.

OneLogin’s SmartFactor Authentication uses risk insights from Vigilance AI to dynamically adjust authentication requirements in real-time. As part of the Trusted Experience Platform, SmartFactor Authentication works with OneLogin Protect and third-party authentication providers.

“Here at Evernote, our workforce, workplace, and technologies are constantly evolving to keep up with the demand of our 225 million users. We believe that with OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform, we will continue to succeed for years to come by offering simple and secure access,” Evernote IT manager Shams Mansoor said.

OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform provides companies with the following benefits:

  • Secure: Organizations can secure and centralize their applications, devices and end users all in one easy-to-access interface.
  • Smart: Leveraging advanced AI capabilities delivers real-time intelligent authentication experiences and threat detection, so businesses are always one step ahead of bad actors at every level.
  • Simple: OneLogin delivers a simple and seamless experience for workforces, customers and partners.
  • Scalable: Businesses can grow with confidence supported by OneLogin’s unparalleled service reliability and performance.
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