Syniverse and AiRXOS to provide a communications infrastructure that manages drones

Technology innovators Syniverse and AiRXOS, a wholly owned subsidiary of GE Aviation, announced they are working together to protect the skies by providing a communications infrastructure that manages drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles operating at low altitudes.

The collaboration offers network security for the drone’s Unmanned Traffic Management system so that critical data, notifications, photos and HD video are transmitted over a secure network with protection from cyberattacks.

From matters of national defense video surveillance to package delivery and live event monitoring, drones have digitally transformed the way companies manage operations. Yet today, the sensitive information and message notifications they transmit are connected to the unprotected public internet, acting as an open door for intruders to intercept data.

“By utilizing our secure, private network, Syniverse Secure Global Access, we can ensure the information is only accessible to the correct parties,” said Mike O’Brien, Group Vice President, Syniverse.

“The Syniverse network runs completely separate from the public internet thus making the Unmanned Traffic Management system and the information it sends invisible to hackers as the data and messages are diverted away from networks with unprotected connectivity.”

This security is coupled with Syniverse’s connectivity solution, Global IMSI. These global data SIM cards allow devices to roam seamlessly across borders and networks. Syniverse Secure Global Access provides a guarded pathway for the data generated from these SIM cards to the AiRXOS cloud applications.

The combination of these two Syniverse elements, along with the Syniverse Mobile Policy Control Center, creates the global reach, policy management and secure transport that is needed to protect asset and critical information.

This private sharing of information enables new opportunities and added safety for groups such as first responders. Emergency teams can assess the situation with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles prior to putting their lives in harm’s way.

For example, a drone could be sent into a burning building to report where people are trapped and alert firefighters of their locations while also alerting paramedics on how many ambulances are necessary. What’s more, this life-saving information can be conveyed to dispatchers through a secure connection.

“AiRXOS is pleased to be partnering with Syniverse toward the safe integration of unmanned in the national air space,” says Ken Stewart, CEO, AiRXOS.

“Syniverse’s connectivity and engagement solution expertise combined with AiRXOS’ proven Air Mobility Platform will deliver customers a trusted, best-in-class solution that truly accelerates advanced UAS operations.”

The Syniverse and AiRXOS partnership is also part of the Syniverse Innovation Lab, a demonstration, development and testing center used to create new business models for rapid industry evolutions, including the internet of things (IoT), 5G, blockchain and artificial intelligence, located at the Syniverse global headquarters.

The Syniverse Innovation Lab allows partners to learn how various technologies came together through an interactive experience.

With these Innovation Lab trials, Syniverse and AiRXOS have positioned the connectivity to work on 3G, 4G and 5G networks, once developed and deployed. The 5G capabilities further demonstrate the two companies’ dedication to driving the digital transformation.

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