Omnitracs to further support the work of Truckers Against Trafficking

Omnitracs, the global pioneer of fleet management solutions to transportation and logistics companies, announced an event dedicated to supporting the mission of Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), a non-profit organization that educates, equips and empowers truck drivers to recognize and report instances of human trafficking.

Created by Advocates for Women in Technology (AWT), the Omnitracs women’s employee resource community, and in partnership with TAT, the goal of Human Trafficking Awareness Day is to raise awareness in the community, educate attendees on how to look for and properly report suspected human trafficking activities, and inspire them to become involved in the fight.

During the event, Omnitracs will host a joint codefest where software engineers will volunteer their time to improve the user experience of the TAT mobile app. The planned enhancements will increase both the usability and scalability of existing applications while allowing for more effective communication and deeper connections to their audience.

“Truck drivers and other transportation professionals operate across state lines and in areas that are more conducive to human trafficking, which positions them to recognize and report these offenses,” said Ray Greer, Chief Executive Officer at Omnitracs.

“We are proud to continue our support of Truckers Against Trafficking and to bring more advanced technology to this important initiative. This special event will raise awareness in our community while enabling the additional functionality needed to deliver more effective communication with drivers, and ultimately, help save lives.”

Human Trafficking Awareness Day will also provide attendees with the opportunity to experience the effects of human trafficking through the Freedom Drivers Project, TAT’s mobile museum and learn more about the open source technology used to help enhance the TAT app. Additional activities include music, food trucks, and giveaways.

As the transportation industry continues its digital transformation, it’s important for truckers to have access to technology that can help make a difference. The TAT mobile app helps drivers report suspicious activity as they spot it on the road, or at truck stops.

It also educates drivers about human trafficking, providing informative material about red flag indicators, and best practices around how they can help.

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