O’Reilly and Formulatedby announce new conference about smart cities and mobility industries

O’Reilly, the premier source for insight-driven learning on technology and business, and Formulatedby announced a new conference focused on how machine learning is transforming the future of urban communities and mobility industries around the world.

Rapid technological advancements are challenging cities and the mobility industry with new business models, methodologies in development and manufacturing, unprecedented levels of automation, and the need for new infrastructure.

From predictive analytics to policy, the Smart Cities & Mobility Ecosystems conference examines the role of governments, enterprises, and individuals in driving positive change as communities become increasingly connected.

“How we plan, build, and improve our cities has fundamentally changed, driven by powerful new technologies that can make life better for all the constituencies cities hope to serve,” said Roger Magoulas, VP of Radar at O’Reilly and chair of the Smart Cities & Mobility Ecosystems conference.

“This conference helps take the pulse of what we expect to change and what is possible for communities and mobility over the coming years.”

The focused event brings together enterprise practitioners, technical experts, and executives to discuss how data, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and cutting-edge technologies impact the future of our communities.

Attendees can also workshop real-world applications of deep learning, sensor fusion, data processing and AI, automotive camera technology and computer vision algorithms, and reinforcement learning.

“The conversation around AI and ML has moved mainstream in applications like Smart Cities and Mobility Ecosystems,” said Anna Anisin, founder and CEO at Formulatedby.

“We’re excited to collaborate with O’Reilly to connect our audience of ML practitioners and executives with the policymakers and stakeholders who will participate in taking this technology to the next level to improve lives at scale.”

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