Univa Navops Launch 2.0 helps enterprises easily extend HPC workloads to the cloud

Univa, a leading innovator of enterprise-grade workload management and optimization solutions, announced the general availability of Navops Launch 2.0, its flagship cloud-automation platform, designed to help enterprises simplify the migration of HPC and AI workloads to their choice of cloud.

The GA release helps enterprises easily extend HPC workloads to the cloud, boosting efficiency and productivity, and dramatically improving cloud ROI while reducing cloud-related spending by 30-40 percent.

Navops Launch 2.0 achieves these substantial efficiency gains by right-sizing cloud resource selection, automating hybrid cloud operations, and monitoring key process indicators to ensure optimal resource utilization and full visibility and control over cloud spending.

Recent research from HPC analyst firm Hyperion Research shows a dramatic 60 percent increase in cloud spend from just under $2.5 billion in 2018 to approximately $4 billion in 2019 and projects HPC cloud revenue will reach $7.4 billion in 2023, a 24.6% CAGR.

Navops Launch 2.0 directly addresses this critical shift, helping enterprises extend compute-intensive operations to the cloud with a solution production-proven at leading Univa enterprise hybrid cloud customers.

Navops Launch can deploy and manage hybrid and dedicated HPC clusters for thousands of applications, including AI, machine learning, life sciences, manufacturing, and transportation, while delivering capabilities for cost control and budgeted cloud-spend management.

Navops Launch 2.0 brings powerful new features for workload and resource automation that can be used in conjunction with any combination of cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Automation applets help organizations automate decisions based on real-time cloud and workload-related metrics to scale and manage multi-cloud infrastructure, workloads and data.

Users can auto-scale cloud resources based on workload demand using regular or spot cloud instances and other tiered cloud offerings to maximize flexibility and scale while keeping infrastructure costs to a minimum.

Navops Launch also addresses data gravity issues related to cloud migration by automating and optimizing data migration together with workload placement.

With HPC cloud on the rise, cloud spend management becomes critical

A recent InsideHPC survey sponsored by Univa found that while 84% of HPC organizations see value in cloud spend management, fully 76% of respondents have no automated solution to track and manage spending, despite rapid growth in the use of cloudi.

Navops Launch 2.0 solves this problem with powerful cloud spend management features, enabling users to monitor and manage cloud spending by user, group, project, and cost center across multiple clouds.

“With 9 out of 10 enterprises transitioning HPC workloads to the cloud, customers need proven solutions that simplify the migration of on-premise workloads to their choice of cloud,” said Rob Lalonde, Vice President and General Manager, Cloud, Univa.

“Navops Launch 2.0 answers this call – Enterprises can use it for both dedicated and hybrid cloud environments, improving productivity, efficiency, and achieving a better ROI from cloud expenditures, regardless of workload complexity or scale.”

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