nShield Issuance HSM: Higher security for Entrust Datacard’s card issuance solutions

Entrust Datacard, a leading provider of trusted identity and secure issuance technology solutions, announced the nShield Issuance Hardware Security Module (HSM), designed exclusively to help create an integrated ecosystem for security, simplicity and serviceability for the company’s payment card systems and secure issuance environments.

Banks, bureaus, payment and identification card issuers manage ever larger volumes of card holder and financial data. Their challenge is to secure that data, while keeping pace with evolving compliance requirements.

Entrust Datacard will integrate nShield Issuance HSMs to enhance operational efficiency and security for its high-volume card issuance solutions and instant issuance systems.

Building on its acquisition of HSM market leader nCipher Security, the nShield Issuance HSM enables Entrust Datacard to deliver an end-to-end secure issuance and key management solution for its financial and government card issuance solutions.

The Entrust Datacard solution supports high transaction rates, making it ideal for high-volume issuance environments, where throughput and uptime is critical.

High cryptographic capacity allows the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified nShield Issuance HSM to perform vital functions for financial and identification issuance, including EMV data preparation, key generation and data protection, while ensuring that it keeps pace with evolving EMV security standards and key and certificate requirements, such as contactless card profiles.

“Entrust Datacard has pioneered secure card issuance for more than 50 years,” said Dan Good, vice president of Bureau Solutions at Entrust Datacard.

“Integrating the nShield Issuance HSM into our centralized and instant card issuance solutions is the next step in our mission to provide our customers with the complete solutions, trust and peace of mind they need.”

Designed exclusively for Entrust Datacard centralized and instant card issuance solutions, the nShield Issuance HSM features:

  • Secure remote management – Remote administration kit – featuring an nShield Trusted Verification Device – facilitates the remote management of the HSM, including firmware updates other maintenance tasks without having to visit the data center.
  • Flexibility – nCipher’s unique Security World architecture is closely integrated with Datacard® Adaptive Issuance Key Manager Software, ensuring seamless HSM failover and load balancing for maximum program availability.
  • High serviceability – Each HSM features field-serviceable dual hot-swap power supplies and fan tray, with spare parts available.
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