JetPatch 4.0: Adding intelligent workflow automation and Predictive Patching

JetPatch, a next-generation vulnerability remediation cloud platform, released JetPatch 4.0, which adds machine learning and intelligent workflow automation capabilities to ensure that an organization’s systems are appropriately patched.

This latest release minimizes the time it takes to remediate a vulnerability once it’s discovered, which allows JetPatch to substantially improve organizations’ security posture.

Some 60 percent of breaches target known vulnerabilities that have a known fix, according to Ponemon Institute research. But organizations’ efforts to patch those vulnerabilities are often hampered by manual tasks and faulty processes.

JetPatch’s Predictive Patching machine learning technology diagnoses remediation cycles and provides actionable insights derived from the data to increase success.

“JetPatch has built momentum as a true enterprise solution that is able to integrate with any existing security stack, and we are continuing to improve our offering further,” said Shai Toren, CEO of JetPatch.

“For the first time, business leaders can transform the way their company combats vulnerabilities and shift to a single predicted, governed vulnerability remediation process. Predictive Patching slashes time to remediation, transitioning vulnerability efforts from fragmented manual processes into one orchestrated and governed operation.”

The JetPatch platform automates the end-to-end IT and operations teams’ vulnerability remediation efforts using a smart rule-based workflow system.

Using industry best practices and aggregated customer data, JetPatch alerts enterprises to potential obstacles in their software update cycles, from low disk space to missing credentials and potential performance issues for specific operating systems.

It helps enterprises overcome critical operational flaws in their processes, reduce friction, and achieve continuous compliance readiness.

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