HPE announces Veeam support for HPE Primera storage and enhancements to HPE StoreOnce backup

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced advancements in its data protection offerings with Veeam support for HPE Primera storage and enhancements to HPE StoreOnce backup.

HPE and Veeam have partnered to protect customer data for the past decade, and this new support for HPE Primera, together with the just announced Veeam Availability Suite v10, ensures customers’ data is always available, recoverable and protected.

In addition, HPE StoreOnce with Veeam v10 delivers higher data availability by efficiently moving backup copies offsite for disaster recovery.

Seventy-seven percent2 of enterprises lack an effective data protection strategy, putting their business at risk. In a hyper-connected world, where everyone – and increasingly everything – shares data, businesses have the opportunity to turn all of it into value.

However, ensuring data is always available and always protected can be complex and costly. Current legacy backup technologies struggle to manage and protect the expanding scope of data types and sources, expanding security threats, and the increasing need to support data across an edge to cloud environment.

Together, HPE and Veeam enable customers to simplify data protection, remove cost and risk, and improve efficiency.

The integration of Veeam v10 with HPE Primera provides customers with a modern, best-in-class backup and data protection solution. Powered by HPE InfoSight, the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure, HPE Primera redefines mission-critical storage by delivering superior simplicity, availability and performance.

HPE Primera provides 93% less time spent on managing storage3, backed by a 100% availability guarantee. Together with Veeam v10 backup support, HPE Primera customers are able to rapidly recover their data at its most granular level from storage snapshots, including virtualized environments.

“Veeam Availability Suite v10 is a new generation and industry leader of data backup and protection, with capabilities that increase data availability, portability and extensibility,” said Danny Allan, chief technology officer and senior vice president of product strategy, Veeam.

“By leveraging full HPE Primera support with v10, businesses can harness the simplicity and reliable performance required for critical applications and data, empowering them to utilize intelligent data to elevate business value – a driving focus of both Veeam and HPE.”

“Data is at the heart of HPE’s edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-Service strategy. Enterprises that can distill intelligence from their data will be the ones to lead in their industries,” said Jim Jackson, Chief Marketing Officer, HPE.

“However, in order to utilize data to gain business insights, it needs to be readily available. Together, HPE and Veeam are helping enterprises accelerate their data’s value by ensuring it’s always on, always fast, hybrid by design, and delivers global intelligence.”

The enhanced capabilities for HPE StoreOnce and Veeam v10 provide:

  • HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Copy support for disaster recovery, delivering the only federated backup solution, managed through Veeam
  • A single interface for data protection
  • Storing, replicating and archiving additional copies of data for disaster recovery use cases without impacting backup SLAs or constraining server CPU resources.

HPE and Veeam ensure data is available everywhere, and can be rapidly recovered in minutes, ensuring business resilience, and reducing risk and resource constraints. HPE has broad support for Veeam across primary storage and secondary storage.

Veeam now v10 also supports the HPE hyperconverged infrastructure portfolio, including HPE SimpliVity. These solutions can be consumed as-a-service on and off-premises, and customers only pay for what they need via HPE Greenlake.

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