Innodisk launches integrated security solutions that harness the power of AIoT

Our increasingly connected world brings enormous potential for social and economic growth. However, without sophisticated security solutions that address the diverse threats posed to connected devices and systems, this potential is at risk of getting squandered.

To tackle this challenge, Innodisk has developed a security-optimized product range that fortifies security at the hardware, firmware, and software levels.

Demonstrating cutting-edge security solutions

Innodisk is unveiling a security and performance-oriented suite of products from across its flash storage, embedded peripheral, and DRAM product lines. Among these, the brand new InnoAGE SSD — a highly secure smart SSD that can be controlled even when its host device has broken down.

Innodisk is also debuting its innovative AI accelerator card, which brings exceptional AI performance to security applications on the edge. Combined with Innodisk’s high-performance DDR4-3200 DRAM and comprehensive software solutions, this product line demonstrates Innodisk’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions optimized for the security industry.

Tackling security challenges in AIoT and beyond

The explosive growth of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (AIoT) means that businesses deploy smart and connected devices in a diverse range of applications at an unprecedented scale.

These complex cybersecurity environments require a multifaceted approach to data and system security that provides the best possible protection from edge to cloud.

With Innodisk’s innovative integrated security solutions, this challenge is faced head-on at both a hardware and software level — providing excellent security even to the most complex cybersecurity systems.

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