Joel Brunson joins Jazz Networks as CEO of Federal business

Jazz Networks, an award-winning insider threat security company, announced Joel Brunson has joined as CEO of Federal business. Brunson brings world-class leadership in business growth and proven expertise in the federal government sector.

“In receiving the highest accolade in the U.S. Cyber Command competition, as well as earning a National Insider Threat Task Force certification, Jazz Networks is making an impression around the globe,” said Tormod Ree, CEO of Jazz Networks.

“Joel brings a unique vision and an incredible depth of experience working with the federal government on both cybersecurity and video solutions, which is a huge asset for our team and our customers.”

Brunson says the need for a solution to the insider threat challenge became evident in the 1980s when Aldrich Ames, a Central Intelligence Agency officer who was convicted of espionage. This was long before the risks were made famous by Snowden and Manning.

“The government sector, as well as private organizations bound by government regulations, need to rethink their approach to security. To beat the risk of insider threats, solutions must be designed around individual human behavior and need to capture the full range of human behavior, from unintentional mistakes giving access to outsiders to intentional theft of government property.”

Brunson joins Jazz Networks from Acano, which was acquired by Cisco. Before Acano, Brunson led teams at Black Box Video, Tandberg, and Avaya. Brunson has a passion for creating and developing successful business teams consistently to meet and exceed targets. In his new position, Joel will oversee both the cybersecurity and video solutions, protecting federal government agencies from internal threats.

“Joel has a track record of exceeding market expectations because he’s raised the standard when it comes to an understanding of each unique customer’s needs. This is especially important in the federal sector, where security takes on a whole new meaning,” added Ree.

“Jazz Networks offers a solution the federal market absolutely needs,” added Brunson. “Jazz Networks’ ability to automatically detect threats and take action before they become incidents with the help of machine learning and rule-based policies is pioneering.”

Protect your data from those who already have privileged access

Protecting against malicious insider threats, such as espionage, sabotage, and loss of classified information, is a need for both federal and private organizations. Jazz Networks provides two powerful methods of detection to help security professionals identify and respond to the riskiest and costliest insider threats.

At the scale of the federal government, safeguarding citizens’ data is of utmost importance. Interactive policy violation reporting, available in the latest software release (V8.0.2), helps organizations measure threat risk, implement new security strategies, and ensure success.

The release also provides a range of out-of-the-box policies to arm against insiders:

  • exfiltrating data
  • deleting event logs
  • using unauthorized diagnostic tools
  • executing malware
  • adding users to local security-enabled groups
  • enabling Windows PSRemoting
  • and more.
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