SentryOne launches new editions of SQL Sentry to help companies right-size monitoring solutions

SentryOne announces new editions of SQL Sentry, the company’s top-rated database performance monitoring product, to help companies select the monitoring solution that best fits their needs.

The new editions include support for monitoring SQL Server and related systems running on physical, hybrid, or cloud environments, and are right-sized to meet the needs of small, mid-market, and enterprise companies.

“Our customers are managing complex database environments, and they need the flexibility to tailor their database performance monitoring solution to their scenario,” said SentryOne Chief Strategy Officer Douglas McDowell.

“With the new SQL Sentry editions, we offer best-in-class monitoring for any situation, whether it’s an IT manager looking for no-fuss monitoring for a few databases, DBAs looking for a solution that can accommodate hybrid or cloud monitoring, or an enterprise data team that needs highly scalable monitoring to support high-volume compute environments.”

The three SQL Sentry editions are:

  • SQL Sentry Premium: Intended for companies running more than 50 SQL Server instances, SQL Sentry Premium adds support for monitoring SQL Server Always On availability groups and proven scalability to ensure fast, continuous database performance for high-volume environments. SQL Sentry Premium includes other capabilities that enhance database performance monitoring in enterprise environments.
  • SQL Sentry Standard: Ideal for monitoring up to 50 SQL Server instances, SQL Sentry Standard adds support for monitoring SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and SQL Server running in Windows and VMware virtualized environments. SQL Sentry Standard provides powerful monitoring capabilities, including index analysis and management, SQL Server job management, and disk storage forecasting.
  • SQL Sentry Essentials: First released in February 2019, the updated SQL Sentry Essentials edition includes support for up to 10 SQL Server instances. Ideal for small and medium companies—as well as larger organizations that need to monitor specific data systems within their environment—SQL Sentry Essentials includes the most frequently used features for monitoring, diagnosing, and optimizing SQL Server performance. SQL Sentry Essentials covers monitoring of SQL Server, Azure SQL Database (and Managed Instance), SQL Server on Amazon RDS, SQL Server on Amazon EC2, and SQL Server on Linux.

With the introduction of the SQL Sentry editions, the functionality of longstanding SentryOne products BI Sentry (for SQL Server Analysis Services), DB Sentry (for Azure SQL Database), Win Sentry (for Windows virtualized environments), and V Sentry (for VMware hosts and virtual machines) will be integrated into one or more of the SQL Sentry editions.

This consolidation will simplify the buying journey for data management professionals.

“By rolling the capabilities of these products into SQL Sentry, we can offer our customers a more streamlined experience, both in buying and using the product,” said Greg Gonzalez, SentryOne Chief Scientist and founder.

“The new editions reflect the feedback we’ve received from customers who want to choose the right mix of capabilities for the environment versus worrying about which license types to purchase.

“As an example, rather than buying a separate license for monitoring SQL Server Analysis Services, data teams can use SQL Sentry Standard to monitor it or any of the other supported target types.”

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