Titus Illuminate 2020 automates protection of unstructured data stored on-premises or in the cloud

Titus, the expert in data classification and a Blackstone portfolio company, introduced Titus Illuminate 2020, the latest release of the company’s flagship solution for identifying and classifying unstructured data at rest.

Titus Illuminate 2020 seamlessly integrates with Titus Accelerator for Privacy to better control data with personally identifiable information, regardless of whether it’s stored in an on-premises or cloud repository, including Box, Dropbox, Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.

An added layer of intelligence delivered through machine learning and AI further speeds data detection and protection.

“Finding and dealing with sensitive personal data is just as difficult as determining which corporate information has retained or lost its business value over time,” said Mark Cassetta, senior vice president of strategy at Titus.

“Using Titus Illuminate, customers can identify sensitive data and apply true data classification policies to ensure it is properly protected, regardless of where it resides.”

The right to be forgotten

According to GDPR Article 17, individuals have the right to have their data erased (i.e., the “right to be forgotten”). Companies controlling personal data must delete personal data if the individual withdraws consent and there is no legal basis for processing it, as well as if the data no longer serves the purpose for which it was initially collected or otherwise processed—and when there is no legitimate reason to keep it. In order to abide by this rule, companies must first find, identify and classify data appropriately.

In today’s climate, consumers want to be able to trust the companies, entities, and brands they interact with and know that their identity and sensitive data are properly protected.

Enhanced functionality in Titus Illuminate, including Smart RegEx and customizable metadata, facilitates a faster, more intuitive path to finding sensitive data, which is a critical first step in any data protection strategy.

Additionally, integration with Titus Accelerator for Privacy provides a much sharper view of all the places where personal information exists in unstructured data, which typically accounts for the largest footprint of all data under management.

Titus Accelerator for Privacy also enables organizations to take advantage of both content—and context—to search all types of data, such as financial, health, security and other personal details.

Titus Illuminate 2020 not only simplifies the overall data identification process, the unique software informs smarter decisions regarding which data should be moved to the cloud or remain on-premises. As procuring cloud-based solutions often represents a significant investment, it’s critical for enterprises to ensure only relevant data is moved to the cloud.

“When it comes to data, organizations can’t properly protect what they don’t know they have,” said Christophe Bertrand, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Titus Illuminate 2020 solves real business problems by enabling companies to drive more positive regulatory compliance and increase data privacy for better business outcomes.”

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