Arista Networks’ new pluggable form factor simplifies DWDM network deployment

Arista Networks announced an optical line system in an OSFP (Octal Small Form-factor Pluggable) module form factor. The Arista OSFP-LS addresses the needs of Tier2 Cloud and Internet Service Providers for high bandwidth links that are easy to deploy and operate.

The Arista OSFP-LS is a highly compact, low power and cost-effective solution for increasing bandwidth between data centers without the need for external optical line systems.

The Arista OSFP-LS collapses legacy optical line systems into an OSFP module which can be plugged into any Arista OSFP port, supporting up to 8 DWDM wavelengths with a single fiber pair, and delivering up to 3.2Tbps of DCI traffic over 100km.

“The OSFP-LS is far easier to deploy than conventional external line systems that require their own power feed and control management software while consuming valuable rack space. Interconnecting two data center sites with DWDM becomes as simple as connecting two switch ports,” said Hacene Chaouch, Distinguished Engineer, Arista Networks.

Simplicity and speed

The OSFP-LS line system was purposely conceived and designed for the support of 400G ZR digital coherent optics. Customers building 400G-ZR DCI and metro networks achieve the following key benefits with OSFP-LS:

  • Reduced space, power and cost
  • Automatic setup with no operator configuration required
  • Consistent EOS® monitoring and control of both 400G ZR and OSFP-LS
  • Lower opex by leveraging a fully collapsed WDM Transport system
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