Cygilant enhances its SOCVue platform to help teams detect and respond to threats faster

Cygilant, provider of Cybersecurity-as-a-Service to mid-sized organizations, shared recent enhancements to its SOCVue platform that improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy of how the company collaborates and solves problems for customers.

The SOCVue security operations and analytics platform enables quick and effective communication between customer IT teams and Cygilant’s Security Operations Center (SOC).

Through its SOCVue platform, Cygilant brings together security events from a wide range of data sources to help its security analysts investigate and analyze thousands of threat alerts, ensuring that customers concentrate on those that matter most.

New features in the latest SOCVue platform release include:

  • Centralized information source – Recent enhancements make it easier for Cygilant’s security analysts to triage, investigate and respond to alerts more efficiently by incorporating all key information on to one central screen. Workflows can be completed in fewer steps than before.
  • Integrated SOCVue ticketing – Customers gain the ability to easily share files with their dedicated SOC team, making it easier to diagnose potential vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Remote settings management – The SOCVue platform now includes remote settings management options for the local patch server and patch agents, creating a better experience for customers via a single-pane of glass.
  • Vulnerability management dashboard – The latest updates include a brand new monthly vulnerability management report designed to make it easier for customers to understand their environment. Each customer’s Cybersecurity Advisor will review the monthly report with them, reviewing potential threats and discussing remediation strategies. In addition, these new monthly reporting features make it easier for IT teams to share user-friendly reports with company executives.

The SOCVue platform enables Cygilant’s security analysts to identify potential issues and investigate and eliminate false positives, presenting only actionable data to customers. SOCVue can also be used as the system of record for incident response and reporting, helping customers meet all of their security and compliance requirements.

“There are a lot of security products out there, but experience has proven they’re only as good as the analysts who use them,” said Kevin Landt, vice president of product management at Cygilant.

“Our SOCVue puts the emphasis on the security experts themselves and helps them to do their jobs more effectively, so they can focus on delivering best-in-industry service to our customers.”

Cygilant protects its customers from the latest cybersecurity threats through a combination of automated tools and personalized advice.

The company provides dedicated Cybersecurity Advisors (CSAs), who work directly with customers as an extension of their team; global 24×7 Security Operation Centers (SOCs) which constantly monitor customers’ networks, using the latest threat hunting, detection, patch management and incident response technologies; and the company’s SOCVue Platform, which consolidates multiple streams of security data to help detect and respond to threats faster.

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