RepRisk upgrades its ESG Risk Platform allowing users to conduct in-depth risk research on companies

RepRisk, a pioneer and leader in ESG data science announces the launch of its upgraded ESG Risk Platform – the world’s largest and most comprehensive due diligence database on ESG and business conduct risks.

“RepRisk has been on the cutting edge of ESG data science for over a decade, becoming the first firm to leverage big data techniques to better understand ESG risks in 2006” said Philipp Aeby, CEO of RepRisk. “We are thrilled to share the most recent step in our journey.

We are combining the best of both worlds – advanced machine learning drives the speed, size, and scale of our database, while human intelligence adds depth and relevance to our data. Thanks to this approach, we now have unique risk profiles for more than 140,000 public and private companies and more than 35,000 infrastructure projects.

Notably, we have integrated the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Framework in this version – a new feature that allows you to identify and assess the industry-specific material ESG risks in line with the SASB standards. The RepRisk Platform is updated daily to help our clients make timely and actionable decisions.”

Born as a due diligence tool in 2006, the ESG Risk Platform is RepRisk’s flagship product and the world’s largest database on ESG and business conduct risks.

Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), it allows users to conduct in-depth risk research on companies, infrastructure projects, sectors, and countries, or monitor ESG risks daily via customizable Watchlists and a tailored email Alert Service.

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