Nemko Group acquires System Sikkerhet to offer comprehensive compliance solutions

Nemko Group announced the acquisition of System Sikkerhet, a leading provider of assessment and consultancy services within the fields of information technology and cybersecurity. In support of our growth strategy, we will continue to position ourselves as a one-stop service provider for product and system conformity assessment.

In the rapidly evolving digital world, Nemko continues to expand our digital footprint. The growth of digital networks and IoT drives demand for secure systems to mitigate the risk of breaches. By acquiring a well-respected security certification solutions provider, Nemko will continue to fulfill the growing need for prompt and cost-effective solutions.

Per Ove Øyberg, Nemko’s President and CEO commented: “As the cybersecurity regulatory landscape continues to take shape, Nemko will be at the forefront of innovative solutions to ensure our customers can meet the demand for appropriately certified and secure products.”

Lars Thoresen, System Sikkerhet’s CEO, stated: “We enthusiastically join Nemko with a similar customer-first style of business. Our combined services offerings will delight existing customers and attract new companies in need of comprehensive compliance solutions.”

System Sikkerhet is an ISO 17025 accredited firm located in Arendal, Norway. Founded in 1986, it is Norway’s oldest purebred information security consultancy businesses.

The company offers security approval of classified communication systems, security advice on critical digital infrastructure, and Common Criteria evaluations. System Sikkerhet is one of two associate information security laboratories to the Norwegian National Security Authority’s certification scheme.

The Nemko Group offers testing, inspection, and certification services worldwide, mainly concerning products and systems, but also for machinery, installations, and personnel. Nemko reduces time to market through high-quality service and the highest international recognition.

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