ImageWare Systems solidifies disruptive patent around user experience for multimodal biometrics

ImageWare Systems, a leader in identity management software, announces that on March 3, 2020, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent 10,580,243 entitled, “Conditional and Situational Biometric Authentication and Enrollment.”

This patent grants ImageWare the exclusive rights for the following key capabilities:

  • Capture biometrics on any device (camera, fingerprint scanner, microphone, iris scanner, kiosk, or station) based on the situation and environment.
  • Enroll on one device and then authenticate on any other device.
  • Enable organizations to require one or more specific biometrics (face, finger, iris, and more) based on conditional security requirements.

Together, these rights uniquely enable ImageWare to provide the flexible, multimodal, biometric authentication solutions that meet the needs of modern systems. ImageWare leverages this patent in our solutions to uniquely solve the need for flexibility when using biometrics for identity authentication.

Democratizing biometrics

Biometrics aren’t just about identifying yourself at your office, the airport, at the hospital, or online. They are about being able to authenticate your identity anywhere, anytime, using the right biometrics for varying conditions and situations.

It’s only through situational and conditional authentication using biometrics that true identity federation is possible.

Federation is the concept of allowing your identity to follow you from one business to another, one platform to another, without needing to create new login credentials.

ImageWare makes federation a reality through our patented Digital Identity Platform, which includes our IWS Biometric Engine. We enable a person to create a single digital identity using your biometrics, and then use any of your biometrics, on any device, to identity yourself for use with any system.

“Our central mission is the promise of anonymity, which does not disclose Personally Identifiable Information (PII) throughout the journey of authentication,” says Kristin A. Taylor, President and CEO of ImageWare Systems.

“Over two decades, ImageWare has developed deep technical expertise on complex federal government projects, and today we bring that defense-grade security to everyday use.”

ImageWare has pioneered the concept of multimodal biometrics and created the IWS Biometric Engine, the only real-time, multimodal, biometric platform that doesn’t use cumbersome and performance-degrading middleware.

With the Biometric Engine, users are authenticated as a person and not as a device, while it anonymizes the biometric data for added security. The technology assists in complying with GDPR and CCPA mandates.

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