CrowdStrike customers can now reduce endpoint attack surface with Automox through CrowdStrike Store

Automox, the cloud-native cyber hygiene platform provider, announced its availability in the CrowdStrike Falcon Store. Through this growing partnership, CrowdStrike customers can now proactively reduce their endpoint attack surface by up to 80%, and dramatically reduce the alert fatigue caused by unpatched and misconfigured systems.

Nearly two out of three data breaches are attributed to vulnerabilities that security and IT teams knew about but weren’t applied fast enough. Studies show that adversaries weaponize new vulnerabilities within seven days of being disclosed.

Automox is approaching the root of this problem and rewriting the conventional rules with a modern, cloud-native approach so organizations can move with unprecedented speed, simplicity, and automation to resist attacks.

Automox’s cloud-native cyber hygiene platform automates the fundamentals of endpoint hardening to dramatically reduce corporate attack surface up to 80% while decreasing alert fatigue common in downstream endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools.

“Despite all of the industry’s best efforts, attackers are exploiting new vulnerabilities 15X faster than defenders can fix them. That’s like leaving the doors and windows of a house open in a bad neighborhood because it’s just too complicated to close them,” said Jay Prassl, Automox Founder and CEO.

“Where CrowdStrike is focused on identifying and containing breaches faster and with higher efficacy than their peers, Automox is focused on reducing the breachable attack surface by closing down vulnerabilities faster than adversaries can weaponize them. Our partnership with CrowdStrike will lighten the defender’s workload and allow them to focus more resources on their most critical security tasks.”

The Automox and CrowdStrike partnership creates a more symmetrical defense position for customers by combining cloud-native pre-incursion endpoint hardening, with world-class detection and response.

CrowdStrike Falcon users can easily pivot findings from Falcon Spotlight into Automox to remediate vulnerabilities caused by missing patches and security misconfigurations.

By streamlining operations and accelerating endpoint hardening speed, Automox enables critical vulnerabilities to be remediated 30X faster than the industry norm – before they can be weaponized.

Unlike traditional solutions, with Automox there is no on-prem infrastructure to deploy or maintain, and endpoints can be continuously managed wherever they are located without the need for a VPN connection.

Joint customers also benefit from Automox Worklets to assist in coordinated response actions for incidents discovered with CrowdStrike Falcon, helping security teams respond at scale across the estate within minutes of discovery.

Automox Worklets are reusable, script-based modules that provide the distributed ability to take any action including modifying registry keys, enforcing local policies, deploying or removing software, and disabling unwanted processes.

These extensible controls further enhance the native response capabilities within CrowdStrike Falcon to eradicate active incursions before a breakout can occur.

“The only true competitive advantage in security today is speed,” added Prassl. “CrowdStrike understands this fact better than anyone. Hardening infrastructure quickly and confidently is the most impactful step an organization can take to reduce its overall cybersecurity risk.”

Launched in February 2019, the CrowdStrike Store is the first cloud-native ecosystem that opens the CrowdStrike Falcon platform to third-party applications. The CrowdStrike Store allows customers to maximize their investment in the Falcon platform by discovering, deploying, and managing new certified third-party applications and add-ons to solve different security and compliance use cases.

“We are excited to be offering Automox’s industry-leading capabilities and innovation in the CrowdStrike Store. Legacy operational tools simply don’t provide the speed and agility that a modern cloud-native approach can,” said Amol Kulkarni, chief product officer, CrowdStrike.

“Automox is a natural extension to our Falcon Platform that bridges the IT operations and security defense stacks.”


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