Blackline Safety and STANLEY Security to provide 24/7 monitoring in UK and Europe

Blackline Safety, a global leader of gas detection and connected safety solutions, is pleased to announce it has partnered with STANLEY Security, a division of STANLEY Black & Decker, to provide 24/7 monitoring and emergency response management to Blackline customers in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Beginning this month in the UK and throughout Europe by the end of 2020, Blackline’s partnership with STANLEY Security will centralize Blackline’s monitoring and emergency response functions to streamline and enhance customer service and quality even further.

“Developing connected safety solutions for companies across the globe, Blackline Safety is a leader in employee safety monitoring in itself,” said Richard Solly, Director of Monitoring Security – Europe for STANLEY Security.

“We are honored to join them in their life-saving mission as an extension of their safety operations team. Our global presence and years of experience will only support Blackline’s top-of-the-line safety technology and services.”

“When a safety incident happens, every second is critically important to saving a worker’s life,” said Inna Rabkin, Director of Global Safety Operations at Blackline Safety.

“We are committed to ensuring our customers make it home safe at the end of every day, and we recognize that same commitment in STANLEY Security. We are proud to partner with an organization that shares our drive to maintain the highest level of safety monitoring and emergency response for our customers throughout Europe.”

As a division of STANLEY Black & Decker, STANLEY Security is part of one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive providers of tools and security products with expansive personal safety and monitoring solutions.

With more than 12,000 employees globally, STANLEY Black & Decker has the experience and resources to provide industry-leading monitoring services that protect workers all across the world.

Blackline Safety Europe and STANLEY Security both hold BS 8484:2016 accreditation — a key differentiator for Blackline, the only manufacturer of gas detectors to achieve this standard. BS 8484:2016, set by the British Standards Institution (BSI), is the latest criteria for lone worker safety devices and services, requiring increased reporting and tighter emergency response time.

This shared accreditation will reinforce the seamless transition of 24/7 monitoring services and ensure zero impact to services currently provided to Blackline customers. STANLEY Security has also established a continuous training program for its employees across Europe to remain current on Blackline’s emergency response protocols, products and features.

Blackline will transition all safety monitoring services in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium to STANLEY Security this month. Blackline will continue to transition monitoring services in other countries in Europe throughout 2020. In total, STANLEY Security will provide monitoring and emergency response management to Blackline customers in 10 countries.

STANLEY Security will additionally act as backup support for Blackline’s Calgary-based Safety Operations Center, increasing protection of the company’s North American customers.

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