Brightcove Continuum: Supporting business communication functions across the enterprise

Brightcove, the leading provider of cloud services for video, announced Brightcove Continuum, a new business continuity suite to support business communication functions across the enterprise.

By leveraging live and on-demand streaming services, organizations can employ the use of video to stay connected to employees and customers. Launching through direct and channel sales, Brightcove Continuum is available to all organizations looking to strategically manage video communications.

The newly launched suite helps organizations conduct critical business activities virtually by using the Brightcove platform. Brightcove Continuum helps ensure business continuity and continued productivity in situations where employees, vendors, and customers have limited means to meet face to face.

From live events for customers to on-demand training for remote employees anywhere in the world, Brightcove Continuum is as comprehensive as it is secure. Brightcove Continuum is highly scalable, quick to deploy, reliable, and enforces secure access to video content automatically.

“Customers regard Brightcove for its ability to strike a balance between pushing the forefront of innovation while maintaining its reputation for reliability and stability, allowing customers the confidence of investing in a durable partner,” said Elka Popova, Connected Work & Digital Experience Vice President and Senior Fellow, Frost & Sullivan.

“The ever-evolving consumer demand for streaming media presents a range of needs for brands, broadcasters, and enterprises to leverage video for the greatest effect. Drawing on broad expertise in media workflows and marketing, Brightcove provides a leading online video platform (OVP) supplemented by an extensive ecosystem of third-party integrations and backed by dedicated and reliable security and support.

“Brightcove’s illustrious history in the online video platforms market combined with the strength and reliability of its product line make Brightcove a trusted partner for media companies and enterprises around the world.”

Brightcove Continuum is available through direct sales and channel partners, including INC Systems Integrations.

“We are thrilled to partner with Brightcove and address the business needs of our mutual customers to keep their companies moving,” said Aref Otaibi, Managing Partner at INC Systems Integrations.

“Leveraging Brightcove’s Continuum solution and our expertise, the opportunity to connect with employees, customers and partners can happen very effectively on a virtual stage.”

“Video is once again profoundly changing human connections, impacting how we relate to one another, share our experiences, and view the world. We need video, now more than ever, to stay connected, which means more robust video capabilities in everyday workflows,” said Jeff Ray, Chief Executive Officer, Brightcove

“Recognizing this market need, we developed a video continuity suite that is both reliable and secure for businesses to maintain regular communication with everyone who is important to their business.

“Brightcove Continuum brings serious video technology to help organizations thrive, which is central to our mission to help our customers and communities stay better connected through video.”

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