Corsa Security Orchestrator: Intelligent orchestration and management of virtual NGFW arrays

Corsa Security announced their Corsa Security Orchestrator, a virtual infrastructure manager for operating virtual machines (VMs) and the infrastructure to virtualize Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) at high capacity Internet gateways.

Corsa Security Orchestrator

Working with the Corsa Network Security Virtualization platform, the Security Orchestrator provides an intuitive interface which simplifies the complex operations associated with running hundreds of virtual NGFW instances.

It offers a single-pane-of-glass view, enabling network security professionals to quickly and easily add more firewall capacity as their traffic inspection needs grow, without having to configure multiple elements.

Enterprises no longer need to worry about additional DevOps resources which are typically required to provision and maintain large numbers of NGFW VMs. The Security Orchestrator provides intelligent operation of VM licensing, zero-touch deployment, auto-scaling, network performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

“More and more, CIOs and their teams need to increase their on-premise firewall capability to inspect 100% of their traffic, even when it’s SSL/TLS encrypted, all while simplifying operations,” explains Carolyn Raab, Chief Product Officer, Corsa Security.

“They are looking for a turnkey approach to scale virtual Next Generation Firewalls that is as intuitive and easy as the public cloud. Our Security Orchestrator does just that, spinning virtual firewall instances up and down and tying them into the existing security policy manager, without the user having to deal with the complexities of the network, server and virtual machine plumbing underneath.”

The Corsa Security Orchestrator can scale-out unlimited inspection capacity with the click of a button by intelligently managing the network traffic load-balancing and server CPU allocation requirements.

To ensure ultimate ease of use, the Security Orchestrator is fully integrated with the policy management systems of the firewall vendors within the Corsa Network Security Ecosystem. Network and security professionals also benefit from:

  • Automation of bootstrap and initial configuration of NGFW VMs
  • Provision of policy settings to the VMs in a zero-touch way
  • Stateful connection tracking for intelligent traffic steering to and from VMs
  • Health check mechanism to monitor VM and system performance
  • Automated software upgrades

The Corsa Security Orchestrator is the core management application for the turnkey Corsa Network Security Virtualization platform and is available immediately.

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