D-Link unveils the new WiFi 6 EXO DIR-X1560 router, delivers greater speeds and capacity

D-Link has announced the newest addition to its EXO line of routers with the availability of a new WiFi 6 solution the DIR-X1560. The DIR-X1560 is the first in a new series of WiFi6 routers from the global networking company.

WiFi 6 or AX WiFi is the latest iEEE 802.11 standard which deliver greater speeds and capacity, but also reduces network congestion and improves device battery life, perfect for the multi-device home.

In the age of working and studying from home, as well as the mass adoption of smart devices and simultaneous bandwidth heavy activities like 4K/8K streaming, WiFi 6 efficiencies are engineered to meet the demands of the modern day household in today’s digital driven times.

The EXO WiFi 6 router combines much of the great utility of the EXO line including interoperability with D-Link WiFi Mesh technology to provide faster speeds, greater range and increased capacity, in addition to its easy to use D-Link WiFi App-based set-up and controls.

“This is great timing for those who are finding themselves working from home now but finding their current WiFi isn’t up to the task,” said Rayan Fakhro, Senior Product Line Manager, Consumer Solutions, D-Link Systems.

“This entry level model is a great upgrade to an older AC or N router. It provides the bandwidth and processing needed to reduce congestion and increase efficiency which is ideal when everyone is home and on their devices throughout the day. The new enhanced profile-based parental controls also make it easy to manage WiFi time for family members.”

The enhanced parental controls include an interactive, tap-and-set interface that enables parents to create profiles for each member of their family. From there, they can add devices and set schedules.

Other features include voice compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and access to support, including chat, through the D-Link Wi-Fi app.

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