SANBlaze launches TCG Opal verification testing for NVMe for SSDs

SANBlaze Technology, the leader in NVMe SSD testing, announced the availability of TCG Opal verification testing for NVMe solid state drives (SSDs).

The TCG (Trusted Computing Group) Storage Work Group (SWG) developed the Core Specification, officially known as the TCG Storage Architecture Core Specification, which provides a comprehensive definition of security related functions for a storage device.

The Opal Security Subsystem Class (SSC) specification, predicated on ease of implementation and integration, is also called “Opal SSC” or “Opal” for short, and is a security management protocol for storage devices.

The Opal family of SSCs defines class level permissions for the storage and retrieval of files, thus protecting user data. Devices conforming to Opal SSC specifications may be referred to as TCG Opal devices.

The verification of the TCG Opal specification requires the creation of security keys which are exchanged with the device implementing the Opal specification and device encryption.

With the exponential rise in the occurrence of data breaches resulting from unencrypted data at rest, the implementation of hardware assisted data encryption has become “table stakes” in the development of secure systems for the storage of medical, financial and other “at risk” data, and has become a critical requirement for the deployment and development of the next generation of NVMe SSD devices.

SANBlaze is a key part of the qualification of NVMe devices and now, with the availability of Opal verification, continues to lead in the complete qualification of NVMe SSD devices as encryption becomes a critical part of the NVMe storage specification.

“We are thrilled to announce the availability of our TCG Opal SSC verification capability that allows customers to quickly and effectively test and validate the Opal SSC implementation of their NVMe SSDs,” said Vince Asbridge, Founder and President, SANBlaze.

“We continue to provide NVMe SSD manufacturers leading edge testing capability for the latest features allowing them to get their drives to market fast and with confidence.”

Download SANBlaze’s free white paper which introduces the TCG Opal SSC implementation and describes how to verify that your SSDs implemented the Opal SSC specification correctly using the SANBlaze platform.

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