Arista’s new capabilities enhance the WiFi experience for critical video collaboration applications

Arista Networks announced a new release of its Cognitive WiFi software that seamlessly delivers intelligent application identification, performance optimization, automated troubleshooting and location services.

This provides customers with an enhanced WiFi experience for critical video collaboration applications and the power of cloud-based AI for rapid problem resolution.

The enhanced CloudVision WiFi offers real-time insight into the WiFi client journey, including the health of collaboration and video applications delivering optimal WiFi experiences through analytics and proactive remediation recommendations.

Arista’s WiFi foundation is based on a modern and cloud-based approach unlike traditional controller-based WiFi legacy networks with overheads.

“Arista is delivering a cognitive application dashboard for high-quality Zoom communications across the WiFi campus. This is assuring our joint customers an elegant client to application experience,” said Janine Pelosi, Chief Marketing Officer at Zoom Video Communications.

Ease of automation with OpenConfig

Arista is also among the industry’s first to provide OpenConfig support for WiFi. This provides an open standards-based solution for managing, monitoring and baselining WiFi infrastructure via streaming telemetry.

OpenConfig WiFi is a programmatic alternative to proprietary ways. It enables cloud and network operators to implement dynamic, scalable and automated WiFi network infrastructure by adopting the software-defined-networking (SDN) principles of OpenConfig.

Rich WiFi 6 capabilities

By adopting the cloud principles of availability, agility, automation and analytics, the new WiFi delivers the following:

  • Automated visibility of WiFi users’ experience while using Google Hangouts, Zoom and Microsoft Team video collaboration applications, delivering an optimal client to application experience.
  • OpenConfig WiFi innovation for operational efficiency and scale, providing a standards-based management interface for WiFi access points.
  • Rapid problem resolution with new Cognitive WiFi artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for root cause analysis on per client or a group of clients accessing an application and applying remedial action recommendations.
  • New location services – Track location of any WiFi APs and clients on a floor; visualize WiFi associations; filter based on client or user information, or connectivity or performance issues.
  • Built-in remote access point capabilities
  • Easy upgrade for Arista WiFi 6 access points via software supporting uplink access (with orthogonal frequency-division multiple access OFDMA) and multi-user uplink (multiple input, multiple output MIMO) for improved investment protection.

These upgrades enhance IOT users to increase efficiency for high bandwidth applications like video collaboration assuring the optimal client to application experience.

“Recent world events have shown the importance of collaboration solutions and with these new capabilities, Arista is delivering the power of cloud-based cognitive analytics to identify, track and protect these critical business applications,” said John McCool, Chief Platform Officer and Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations for Arista.

These enhanced WiFi capabilities are an integral part of the Arista Cognitive Campus portfolio, bringing a software-driven approach to unify wired and wireless campus access. It is built on real-time, data-driven inference engine for intuitive, simple user and operator experience.

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