Insight Connected Platform reduces security risks and unifies how organizations use IoT solutions

Insight Enterprises, the global integrator of Insight Intelligent Technology Solutions for organizations of all sizes, announced the launch of Insight Connected Platform, a scalable Internet of Things (IoT) foundation that accelerates the creation of smart spaces within any environment, be it stores, restaurants, manufacturing plants, hospitals and even entire cities.

Insight Connected Platform is designed to reduce security risks, propel efficiency and enable faster deployment by unifying how organizations use IoT solutions. It aggregates into a secure, centralized dashboard a wide range of smart sensors, cameras, devices and third-party applications from an Insight Connected Ecosystem of more than 3,500 partners, including Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Dell Technologies.

The application hub translates massive amounts of data from multiple sources into useful, holistic analytics to enhance how people interact with their environment. Because its architecture is cloud-native and repeatable, Insight Connected Platform lays the IoT groundwork to scale for future needs, minimizing client development costs and risks while quickening the time to value of new business solutions from years down to months.

“Our Connected Platform was designed by looking at everyday issues that clients face, regardless of industry, and then developing an IoT solution that simplifies those challenges,” said Stan Lequin, vice president and general manager, Digital Innovation, Insight.

“For example, we developed an IoT solution using temperature and humidity sensors to improve food safety in restaurants, understanding the same technology can be used to maintain optimal conditions in healthcare facilities. The need to manage daily operations – including customer service, energy usage, security, product quality, etc. – is universal across most industries. We’re providing a more proficient way to oversee all of it.”

Sample use cases that cut across industries include:

  • Loss prevention and store safety to reduce business risk
  • Inventory analysis and customer purchase forecasting for retail stores
  • Monitoring smart kitchen appliances to ensure food quality and safety
  • Predictive maintenance for manufacturing equipment
  • Regulating climate control within healthcare facilities, including patient, waiting and operating rooms, based on occupancy thresholds
  • Deriving intelligence from consumer patterns to enhance customer service and sales
  • Automating streetlights and traffic signals for emergency response

Beyond the technical components of the platform, Insight leverages its deep managed-services expertise to provide a fully managed intelligent edge. Through 24/7/365 call center support, Insight ensures uptime and active monitoring of the cloud platform and its connected edge devices, providing the field maintenance when needed from gateway to sensor.

“Connected Platform is IoT made easier for the table-stakes areas of business that organizations are constantly looking to improve. We’re providing immediate core functionality that can be quickly customized to enhance how you manage your people, your locations, your assets, and your alerting and reporting.

“Connected Platform delivers a single hub for the data storage, processing power, security and communication necessary to integrate a variety of mini-data centers at scale that are tailored to meet the unique needs of individual businesses and communities,” said Jeff Dodge, director, Digital Innovation, Insight.

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