Accedian and New Context revolutionize next-generation V2G and C-V2X infrastructure

Accedian, a leader in performance analytics, cybersecurity threat detection, and end user experience solutions, and New Context, a leader in Digital Transformation for infrastructure security, announced a strategic partnership to revolutionize next-generation vehicle to grid (V2G) and cellular vehicle to everything (C-V2X) infrastructure.

This new partnership will help connect countless sensors, applications, autonomous cars, charging stations, and remote services to retail companies, to the utility sector, and to the insurance industry in an ever-expanding ecosystem to accelerate our global economy.

The foundation of the global supply chain is rapidly aging out. Outdated roads, energy grids, and telecommunications systems are incapable of supporting the development and adoption of the next-generation V2G and C-V2X infrastructure required to successfully compete on tomorrow’s global stage.

In order to accelerate the update of infrastructure to match the speed of the data which must run across it, one must revolutionize how one thinks, organizes, and builds it, from start to finish.

The explosion of cloud networks at the edge is fueling a multitude of challenges increasingly exacerbated by a sprawling network of AI, IoT sensors, 4G/ LTE, and 5G cloudlets embedded across an inefficient patchwork of modern infrastructure. From shipping containers to carriers, Accedian and New Context are poised to help engineer the next generation of V2G and C-V2X solutions.

Overcoming previous limiting factors such as legacy commercial cloud security models and disaggregated telecom providers, the partnership offers cross-carrier, cross-jurisdiction, and cross-border edge security solutions and transactional forensic attestation at scale.

Powered by the next-generation interactive grid, tomorrow’s supply chain will perform at the edge, with remote applications, such as Bechtel and General Motors who are already spearheading the way.

Smart freight and smart sensors will interact with their users in unprecedented ways and will increasingly require a completely revolutionized infrastructure design to power everything from mass transportation synchronicity to micro-services tailored to specific freight, ports, toll systems and warehouses.

Accedian will provide their foundational technology, Skylight, which delivers the ability to detect real-time suspicious, malicious, and anomalous behaviors and provides a single source of truth for V2G and C-V2X infrastructure, as well as supply chain assurance, regulatory compliance, insurance and payment systems, operating at the edge.

New Context will harness its expertise at engineering visionary data architecture solutions in the utility, robotic, and industrial sectors to modernize the next generation of infrastructure landscape with an ever-changing rulebook for data, which will continue to vary by nation, locality, or state.

“In a world of millions of autonomous cars and billions of sensors, there will be a whole host of unforeseen and new infrastructure challenges. Industrial, utility, and automotive companies will blend into one ecosystem.

“Data must be able to pass through them and still maintain all regulatory compliance. We are among a few select companies that have the depth and breadth of experience in this interconnected landscape, and Skylight will give us the visibility to achieve transparency,” said Daniel Riedel, CEO of New Context.

“Skylight rapidly provides the critical insight needed to detect advanced, targeted cyber breaches and other evasive attacks that are notably more difficult for organizations to find and prevent: in short, it provides the digital assurance required to operate the global economy’s critical energy and supply chain ecosystem,” added Michael Rezek, Vice President of Cybersecurity Strategy at Accedian.

The strategic partnership between Accedian and New Context is a critical first step to fulfilling the sprawling demands of modernizing V2G and C-V2X infrastructure and unlocking the opportunities the new economy requires.

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