Benefit Vantage and Microsoft Azure bring IPification benefits to Azure Active Directory B2C

Benefit Vantage, developer of the IPification seamless authentication solution, is proud to announce that we will enable global service providers to enhance user authentication and verification when using the Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C cloud identity platform.

Azure Active Directory B2C enables organizations to manage and secure customer, consumer and citizen access to web and mobile applications, enabling service providers to add and customize user identity services for registration and login purposes to their apps.

Integrating IPification technology into Azure Active Directory B2C enables service providers to offer the benefits of a secure, bank-grade mobile authentication solution to their users, enabling frictionless user experience during identity verification without using or sharing sensitive user data.

In addition, services can build mobile data signals into their business logic to, for example, help mitigate against fraud or remove barriers to service access.

“I am proud that Microsoft has recognized the value that IPification technology can bring to their cloud identity platform, Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C. Our teams worked together to make this a reality and I am happy that organizations relying on Azure identity services can now enjoy the benefits of seamless mobile authentication our solution provides,” said Harry Cheung, Founder and President of IPification.

“Passwords are no longer an effective security mechanism. It’s clear we need to provide our customers with authentication options that are secure and easy to use. This is where passwordless authentication comes in,” said Sue Bohn, Partner Director of Program Management, Microsoft Identity Division, Microsoft Corp.

“We are pleased to see companies like IPification support our passwordless journey by integrating their solutions with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.”

IPification is rolling out the service to service providers across four continents, with initial service launches planned for Hong Kong and across the Europe and APAC regions.

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