Guardsquare ThreatCast: Protecting mobile apps against suspicious activities and malicious users

Guardsquare, the mobile application security platform, announced the launch of ThreatCast, a cloud-based mobile application threat intelligence expansion to its platform. ThreatCast delivers a single dashboard interface to threat intelligence from Guardsquare’s cutting-edge products for layered mobile app security—DexGuard for Android and iXGuard for iOS.

Guardsquare ThreatCast

With a multi-layered approach to application protection and a mobile security console, ThreatCast provides all the tools needed to assess threats in real time and the intelligence to protect mobile applications against suspicious activities and malicious users.

Mobile applications largely escape the organization’s control once they are published and become easy prey for hackers trying to gain access to the internal logic of applications to extract sensitive information and understand how they communicate with backend servers or tamper with them.

Application protection becomes an integral part of the development lifecycle with the introduction of ThreatCast. Combined with Guardsquare’s mobile application protection, ThreatCast allows development teams to fully integrate security in the development process.

The data helps development teams make the best use of available resources and prioritize the implementation of measures that are most effective in securing mobile applications and preventing access to backend services.

“Often, the biggest unknown security gap for organizations is visibility into mobile application security once it is published and downloaded. At initial release, the application’s code and sensitive data are most exposed to hackers,” said Roel Caers, CEO at Guardsquare.

“As mobile applications become an increasingly essential part of modern society and contain business-critical and sensitive end user data, companies must be able to detect and respond to ever-emerging threats and attacks, and continuously adapt their mobile security strategy based on real-time information.”

Guardsquare ThreatCast collects and visualizes all detected threats in mobile applications protected by Guardsquare’s flagship products, DexGuard or iXGuard, shielding against static and dynamic analysis and attacks with multiple layers of protection. This includes a daily and total breakdown of environment threats (the application has been executed in a compromised environment), application threats (there was an attempt to tamper with the application), and code threats (the most critical: the application has been tampered with and its source code was altered).

“For a mobile application developer, quality and performance of an app is the number one priority,” said Carter Jernigan, founder and creator of Locale for Android.

“It’s truly a game changer to have a mobile app security console that provides real-time threat intelligence data to increase the security of the application. Guardsquare helps provide a more robust experience for app users by identifying the compromised environments that cause unpredictable behavior at runtime.

“ThreatCast reduces costs by being easy to integrate and providing a dashboard of metrics to make business decisions around emerging threats and attacks.”

With ThreatCast, developers can analyze the most-used attack strategies by malicious users in real time. ThreatCast offers visual and objective data-driven analysis of dangers and threats to their mobile application, identifies the most vulnerable and exposed parts in their code or the weakest links in their current application configuration, and provides a unique means to monitor threats in real time and adapt their security configurations to the constantly evolving threat landscape.

Guardsquare ThreatCast is now available as part of Guardsquare’s cutting-edge products for layered mobile app security—DexGuard for Android and iXGuard for iOS.

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